Cowboy movies & series

The cowboy genre is one of the most loved genres of all. Although cowboy movies are defined by a few themes and features, it has also proven to be flexible and can accommodate a wide range of stories and characters. Battles, outlaws and general wildness will always appeal. The allure of the Old West, with its boundless plains and limitless freedom, draws us in. Images of swinging saloon doors, bushes, tracks and dusty hats, backed by a soundtrack of twangy notes and gunfire. But there are also cowboys in these modern times who work on a ranch. So do you want to Imagine yourself on a ranch with a handsome cowboy? Then browse quickly through WithLove's wide range of cowboy films.

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Popular Cowboy movies & series


1.10 Steps to Love


Sophia Michaels is a businesswoman who has had lots of success by using a ten-step plan. But when she decides to use the plan to find love, she quickly comes to the realisation that it isn't working when love is involved. Especially when she meets two attractive, but very different guys; Mason the countryboy and Kyle the businessman.


2.A Cinderella Christmas


Angie works hard for her uncle's events company, but her cousin Candace takes the credit every time. When she comes to pick up a custom dress for work, it turns out that the dress was made for her and she decides to go to the Christmasquerade Ball. There she immediately attracts the attention of the wealthy bachelor Nicholas. But before she has to reveal her identity, she leaves the party. Nicholas goes in search of his mysterious wife from the prom. Will they ever see each other again?


3.A Feeling of Home


Abby is host of her own webseries in New England. In order to set up her own product line she needs some authentic north-eastern 'webisodes'. This will be very tricky, cause she is from Texas and tries very hard to hide this. To help her father she returns to his big ranch in Texas. And to her surprise she finds out her ex-boyfriend Ryan is now manager of the ranch. Soon feelings between these two highschool sweethearts start coming back again. Now Abby will have to make a decision; will she go back to her roots for good or will she go for her career in New England?


4.Autumn Stables


After the sudden death of her husband, Autumn faces a difficult decision. The big horse ranch they had bought together has gotten too big for her alone, so she considers to sell it. Ze meets the handsome carpenter Jake who makes an offer and promises to make only a few changes. Autumn is immediately sure she wants to sell her ranch to Jake, until she finds out Jake has very different plans.


5.Finding Love in Big Sky Montana


Paisley is a real country girl and decides to take over her beloved grandfather's ranch. But it is in desperate need of a renovation and herefor she needs money she doesn't have. By coincidence she gets in touch again with her ex-boyfriend Josh and he offers to help her. But Paisley is very stubborn and doesn't want to accept any help, untill she sees no other way and reluctantly accepts his help. Against expectations, old feeling are starting to flare up again. Maybe now is the right time for the love between Paisley and Josh...


6.Flowers & Honey


The life of Sarah takes a different direction when her aunt passes away and inherits her ranch. She is a florist and knows nothing about ranches. As a kid she often visited and she always loved it. So she isn't sure if she wants to take over the ranch or if she would rather sell it. She meets the neighbour of the ranch, the handsome Hank, and they renovate the ranch together. Sparks fly between them, but Sarah needs to consider if she can leave her life and flower shop behind and start again on the ranch."


7.My One & Only


Stephanie isn't that lucky in love, because she is afraid to be turned down. When Stephanie's friend signs her up for the reality dating show "The One", she gets set up with the handsome Oliver. While they are trying to figure out if they are the one for each other, they develop a nice connection. But sparks also fly between Stephanie and the handsome Alex, who is the owner of the ranch where the program is filmed... With who is she destined to be with?


8.Road Less Traveled


Charlotte is a famous country singer and is about to get married. A week before a wedding, Charlotte goes back to Tennesee to fetch her mother's wedding dress. Once she is there, she runs into her highschool sweetheart Ray. Apparently they aren't fully over their feelings for each other, because sparks start to fly again pretty soon. Because of this, Charlotte starts to doubt her current relationship and she doesn't know with whom her heart lies.


9.Under the Autumn Moon


Alex convinces her boss to buy a picturesque ranch where the employees can come to relax. She goes to the ranch and meets the stubborn owner Josh. Josh is a real cowboy and loves his family's ranch, but because of financial problems he needs to sell it. But he only wants to do this when nothing changes about the ranch. He convinces Alex to stay a couple days and really get to know the ranch. Her Alex falls in love with the ranch and she also starts to get feelings for the handsome Josh. But then it turns out her boss has other plans...


10.Valentine Ever After


Julia and Sydney are two succesful young women and have the perfect life. But the want to experience something exciting so they decide to make a trip. But after some clumsy moves, they get stuck in the little country town Wyoming and after being in a bar fight they now have to do community service for 30 days. This is the complete opposite of their luxury life, but it is here that they discover that happiness isn't measured in money and success. And Julia starts to realize her 'perfect' life at home maybe isn't what she needs in life. Certainly not when she meets a handsome cowboy.


11.Love in Paradise


Casey Twain and his daughter Heather run a ranch together. When the new season arrives they notice that in contrary to other years they aren't fully booked. They need a publicity stunt to attract more people to the ranch and decide to hire a real cowboy. The manage to get Avery Ford, an actor from a western series. Once arrived at the ranch he doesn't seem like much of a real cowboy.


12.A Fairytale Christmas


Belle works for her father's company and gets send from Califonia to the north to sell an estate including an impressive library. The grumpy owner Hutner Lowell prefers to get rid of the house before Christmas, so Belle spends the Holidays on the estate. In the beginning, Hunter is acting very distant, but as they spend more time together it changes his personality. But then an old love of Belle turns up out of the blue...


13.Country Hearts

Tori and June are the daughters of country stars Bones and Darlene and are well on their way to making a career with their own band. They receive a fantastic offer from a record company, but that means they have to leave their family, the ranch, and love behind. Do they dare to pursue their dreams?

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