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Are you a cat or a dog person? Of course you can also be both! In the animal films on WithLove there are always animals involved. Dogs, cats, but also horses, and more. They play a very important part in the story and really are a part of the characters. Think about films set on a ranch, farm, but also films in the city where the main characters have a pet. It could also be a cowboy film. In these films, love too, plays a role.

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Popular animal films


1.12 Pups of Christmas


Dog therapist Erin is looking forward to make a fresh new start in a new city. But things aren't going according to plan when her incredibly egocentric new boss Martin expects her to find a home for twelve puppies who have been left behind after a photoshoot. And that before the first day of Christmas! But while they are working together, Erin realizes that Martin maybe isn't as bad as she originally thought.


2.A Dogwalkers Christmas Tale


Spoiled college student Luce gets a holiday job to look after the dog of a rich project developer. Then she meets the attractive Dean who is protesting against the plans of her rich boss to tear down the local dogpark and build a spa. Whilst she sets aside her selfish ways to rescue the park, she learns about the true meaning of Christmas and love, thanks to Dean.


3.A Puppy for Christmas


Noelle's life is going downhill after she adopted a puppy; her relationship has ended, she doen't have a home anymore and she is about to lose her job. Then her colleague Liam invites her to spend the holiday with his family, who are expacting him to bring his fiance Jessica. Noelle gets a very warm welcome from his family and she finally feels some joy again. When Liam breaks off his engagement, they are getting much closer and Noelle gets surprised with love.


4.Finding Love in Big Sky Montana


Paisley is a real country girl and decides to take over her beloved grandfather's ranch. But it is in desperate need of a renovation and herefor she needs money she doesn't have. By coincidence she gets in touch again with her ex-boyfriend Josh and he offers to help her. But Paisley is very stubborn and doesn't want to accept any help, untill she sees no other way and reluctantly accepts his help. Against expectations, old feeling are starting to flare up again. Maybe now is the right time for the love between Paisley and Josh...


5.Love at First Bark


Interior designer Julia has zero experience with dogs but still adopts one. She instantly falls in love with a dog and it seems like the dog has chosen her as his new owner. Julia decides to go for the gentle "love is all you need" approach with the upbringing of her new dog. This is against the advice of the handsome dog trainer Owen. She quickly realizes that her approach isn't really working. Thankfully Owen offers his help and while they are making progress with the dog, they develop a friendship. And this could even become something more.


6.Love on Harbor Island


Interior designer Lily returns to her hometown to help her aunt Maggie with her bed & breakfast. The B&B is in the harbor and could use a renovation. On her way she meets the handsome pilot Marcus. At first she finds him arrogant, but when she finds out he is flying around rescues dogs, she gets a new perspective of him. She offers him her help to promote his company in exchange for some chores in the B&B. During there cooperation, Lily finds out that her heart might nog be in Seattle, but here on Harbor Island.


7.A Furry Little Christmas


Scarlet is a veterinarian in New York where she lives together with her son. For Christmas she and her son return to Vermont to spend the Holidays with her father. Here she meets the local doctor Josh, who she finds very arrogant at first. But then they get to know each other when Josh wants to give Scarlet a real New York Christmas with her own traditions. Scarlet and Josh soon find they have a special connection and sparks fly high.


8.Autumn Stables


After the sudden death of her husband, Autumn faces a difficult decision. The big horse ranch they had bought together has gotten too big for her alone, so she considers to sell it. Ze meets the handsome carpenter Jake who makes an offer and promises to make only a few changes. Autumn is immediately sure she wants to sell her ranch to Jake, until she finds out Jake has very different plans.


9.Like Cats & Dogs


Lara has planned a holiday in a small town at the coast to relax and has brought her dog. Because of a reservation mistake, she ends up with her dog in the same vacation house as Spencer. But Spencer is a cat lover and has brought his cat. They are completely different, but will have to find a way to get along. The same goes for their pets. Will the two opposites attract each other?


10.Love and Sunshine


Ally recently got dumped by her fiance and is still recovering from a broken heart. She finds comfort in shelter dog Sunshine. Sunshine used to be an army dog and her owner Jake comes back from his work for the army and wants the dog back. Ally has gotten very attached to Sunshine and does not want to lose her. But when she meets Jake, she hits it off with him as well. Will her heart get broken again?


11.The Nine Lives of Christmas


Handsome firefighter Zachery is single and is fully enjoying his freedom. Until a stray cat appears before his door and he decided to take in the cat. He gets in contact with Marilee, a veterinarian, who teaches him everything about how to take care of his cat. Sparks immediately fly high, which makes Zachery realize that she might be the perfect woman for him.


12.Hometown Hero


Kelsey is a divorce mediator and this has made her quite cynical about love and romance. Then she needs to look after one of her clients' dog. While taking care of the dog the gets in touch with the local veterinarian Jake. They get to know each other better and come to realize that the true love they didn't dare to believe in, is maybe closer than they thought.


13.3 Holiday Tails


Lisa has recently moved to an apartment near the beach. She quickly makes friends with her neighbour Katherine who just got three puppies. When Lisa is walking the dogs on the beach, she comes across her old flame David. But when she finds out he is about to propose to his new girlfriend, Lisa realizes she may still have feelings for him. They are getting the unexpected help of the three puppies, can they get these two lovers back together?


14.A Christmas Stray

On Christmas Eve Ethan is stuck in a small village after a stray dog ran him off the road. This dog is his only company until he meets the local veterinarian Foster. Foster is a charming free spirited woman and the complete opposite of Ethan, who is very uptight and serious. Nevertheless he still feels very attracted to her.


15.A Tail of Love

Bella runs a dog rescue center with her grandmother Lily. When their major sponsor, Stockard's Pet Foods, gets a new owner, Stockard not only ends the partnership but also threatens eviction since the rescue center is on their land. Bella strives to find the documents stating that her grandmother is the rightful owner, and fortunately, she can rely on the help of the handsome military man JR, the son of Stockard's former owners. He not only gets along well with the rescue dog Indie but also with Bella. Can they together save the rescue center, and perhaps each other?


16.Puppy Love for Christmas

After three years of traveling, Annie returns to her hometown to celebrate Christmas with her family. There, she learns that the local animal shelter is closing down. To help the stray dogs, she tries to find a home for them. But if she can't manage this in time for Christmas, she must accept the help of her high school archrival; the handsome Dylan. Together with him, she searches for new owners for the dogs. During their search, she discovers that finding love and helping others can happen right at home.



Kristen 'Kris' Furillo just got out of juvie where she developed a love for horses during one of the activities they did there. Horse trainer Pablo of the Raintree Farm, a horse ranch, notices her talent for horse riding and offers her the chance to work at the Raintree Farm. During her time in juvie, she met the horse Wildfire at a horse training camp and she quickly felt a connection with him. So when his life is in danger, Kris really wants to save him and get him to the Raintree Farm. It costs her some time to adjust to her new life, but when she meets the owner's handsome son Matt and his best friend Junior, her life suddenly gets a lot more drama and romance. While she is working on and with Wildfire, her past is threathening to catch up with her and she will do everything she can to keep her new life.

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