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Hometown love is a genre with loads of romantic films where someone returns to their hometown and find love, or even an old love back. Also films where the characters have always been living in their hometown and find love here. So get your blanket and swoon over the hometown lovers on WithLove.

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Popular hometown love


1.A Feeling of Home


Abby is host of her own webseries in New England. In order to set up her own product line she needs some authentic north-eastern 'webisodes'. This will be very tricky, cause she is from Texas and tries very hard to hide this. To help her father she returns to his big ranch in Texas. And to her surprise she finds out her ex-boyfriend Ryan is now manager of the ranch. Soon feelings between these two highschool sweethearts start coming back again. Now Abby will have to make a decision; will she go back to her roots for good or will she go for her career in New England?


2.After The Storm


In the heartwarming film After the Storm an heavy storm destroys the community of teacher Lauren. Her house is also completely destroyed. She decides she wants to rebuild it herself and wants to do this without the help of her boyfriend who is somewhere far away. Against her wishes she receives help of the handsome Collin. He rejected her years ago and she still hasn't forgiven him for it. Has the storm also given Lauren and Collin a second chance?


3.Home for Harvest


Katie travels the world to write about the most beautiful places. But then to her dismay, she is send to Greenville, her hometown, for her next assignment. She must report the annual harvest festival. Katie didn't leave her hometown behind for just any reason and is dreading writing the article. So when she also comes across her ex boyfriend she is reminded why she left even more. But she also gets to know Greenville better and learns to appreciate it. And she meets the handsome Noah with whom she hits it off.


4.Kiss at Pine Lake


Zoe works for a project developer and is given the task to plan the construction of a hotel complex up north of the state of Oregon. She knows the area at Pine Lake very well because she spent her summers there as a child. But then she finds out her childhood sweetheart Luke, who she almost shared her first kiss with fifteen years ago, has become the new owner of the camp. Will they find the love for each other back again and save the beautiful Camp Pine Lake together?


5.Love on Harbor Island


Interior designer Lily returns to her hometown to help her aunt Maggie with her bed & breakfast. The B&B is in the harbor and could use a renovation. On her way she meets the handsome pilot Marcus. At first she finds him arrogant, but when she finds out he is flying around rescues dogs, she gets a new perspective of him. She offers him her help to promote his company in exchange for some chores in the B&B. During there cooperation, Lily finds out that her heart might nog be in Seattle, but here on Harbor Island.


6.Love, Fall & Order


Claire Hart works in New York as a corporate lawyer who is specialized in estate matters. She hates how she has to miss her father's annual autumn festival at his pumpkinfarn every year because she is too busy. But when her father is sued by the neighbour because he is holding the festival on her land, according to her, she quickly returns to Vermont. There she finds out the neighbour is represented by Patrick Harris, an old classmate of hers with whom she used to compete. But he has gotten a lot more handsome now... While the two rivals battle it out, sparks also fly high.


7.Mechanics of Love


Matti is back in the village she grew up in for her sister's wedding. Her boyfriend just broke up with her and she didn't get the promotion at work she so badly wanted. Then she comes across her old flame in her father's car repair shop. At the same time her ex boyfriend is trying to win her back and her boss is trying to persuade her with a great job. Matti is faced with a big dilemma: will she choose the life she has always wanted, or will she choose for her true love?


8.Sweet Autumn


Maggie, a succesful entrepreneur, returns home after the death of her aun Dee and discovers she inherited half of her famous candy store. But what she doesn't understand is why Dex, the candy supplier, inherited the other half. While they are looking for the reason behind her aunt's last wishes during the Autumn Festival, they start to get closer. Is the life Maggie built really the life she wants?


9.The Good Witch's Destiny


It is almost Cassie's birthday. Her husband Jake suggests an intimate dinner in a fancy restaurant, but Cassie prefers to celebrate it with all her family and friends. While Cassie's special day gets near, her stepdaughter Lori discovers similarities between Cassie and her great-aunt, named The Grey Lady, who disappeared from her own birthday party years ago. Will Cassie be facing the same destiny?


10.Flip That Romance


Jules and Lace are both house flippers: they renovate houses to sell them with profit afterwards. In this they are more rivals than colleagues and they can't stand each other. When they are both renovating a semi-detached house, the battle deepens. Despite their competetion, sparks fly high. Will their competetive spirit win or will they listen to theid hearts?


11.Love at Daisy Hills


Jo runs her family's store in the little town Daisy Hills. When she realizes the store is losing money, she asks her father for help. But she didn't expect him to involve her ex boyfriend Blake. Jo isn't exactly excited for his help and the changes he wants to make, but eventually gives in. While they are working together she slowly opens up her heart for him again.


12.Love in Whitbrooke


The talented project manager Amber frequently travels the world for her job, but then her boss offers her a permanent job in London. When she goes back to her hometown to help her family in a difficult situation, she has time to think about the offer. But then she meets the charming Jason and discovers that her old love for painting hasn't completely faded away. Will Amber choose her career of will she choose love and family?


13.The Good Witch's Gift


Cassie and her beloved Jake have been together for a long time. Since it is almost Christmas, Jake is looking fot the perfect Christmas present. jake suggest to get married on Christmas Eve, which is in 6 days. But when a mysterious man from Jake's past suddenly turns up, it is unsure wether they can manage the wedding in time.


14.A Moving Romance


When Olivia looses her job in New York, she returns home to her parents to work in her father's moving business. She doesn't tell her father she got fired and her father doesn't tell her that the business isn't doing too well. While she is working in her father's business she meets Scott, who recently started working there too. When Olivia finds out the company is in trouble, she wants to do everything she can to save it. Whilst working together with Scott trying to save the company, they start to develop feelings for each other. Then Olivia gets offered a new job in New York. But does she wants to go back?


15.Love, Alaska


The young doctor Maggie inherits her uncle's practice and returns to her hometown in Love, Alaska where she is reunited with her childhood friend Finn. While Maggie is working on building a new life and Finn trying to handle the past, feelings are coming to the surface. Can they put their friendship on the line and pursue love?


16.Love on the Vines


When Diana's uncle Hugh passes away, she inherits half of his vineyard. Her uncle's right-hand man, who is also her ex Seth, inherits the other half. To fulfill her uncle Hugh's last wish, Diana needs to work with her ex for half a year for a good harvest. If the harvest fails, they won't get the vineyard. Working togeteher with you ex is very difficult and lots of old feelings are starting to come back to the surface again. Will they be professional enough or will their emotions get in the way?


17.The Good Witch's Charm


Cassie has a newborn daughter, is the owner of a gift shop and has a job as mayor. But with a schedule that busy, she and her husband Jake aren't getting much sleep. In the hopes of a break, Cassie plans a vacation with her new family. But this gets cancelled when series of break-ins take place in town and a reporter is trying to ruin Cassie's image. To make things worse, Cassie gets a visit from her estranged foster mother and Lori, Cassie's stepdaughter is accused from the recent robberies. Can Cassie make an end to all the rumours?


18.The Good Witch's Family


Cassie is soon to be married to her great love, chief of police Jake. She tries to take on her new role as stepmother as good as she can and has already developed a bond with Jake's children. But then Abigail, Cassie's long lost cousin suddenly turns up with ill intentions. She wants to get both Cassie's family and the residents of her beloved town Middleton, in trouble. Can Cassie manage everything and keep her cousin from destroying what she has built up?


19.A Star Crossed Christmas


Julie Pine and Rick Spruce both come from a family who dealing in Christmas trees. Julie's family has pine trees and Rick's family has fir trees. Their farms are next to each other which makes their families competitors. When Julie and Rick fall for each other they know they will never get accepted by their families. They will have to keep their love a secret. A Star Crossed Christmas is a Romeo & Juliet in a coating of Christmas.


20.Late Bloomer


It is the nightmare of any highschool girl: to be tricked at the very last school prom... It happened to Jenny: who got dumped by her date Shane. It hurt her so much she moved away and never believed in true love again. Eight years later she returns when her mother wants to sell their family home. Then she sees Shane again... He is regretting what he did to her. Now he is a teacher at their old school and asks Jenny to be his date for the school prom again.


21.The Beach House

It has been years since Cara has left her family for her career and made a fresh start in Chicago. When she loses her job, she returns to the place where she grew up. Her mother has taking in a young woman who is pregnant and is dedicated to saving baby turtles. While she is helping her mother with renovating the family beach house, she gets into contact with her old highschool sweetheart Brett again. They spend a lot of time together and old feelings find their way back to the surface. But her mother is keeping a secret what is weighing on the family.


22.English Estate

Nora Cartwright is a successful American interior designer. Her life changes drastically when her great-uncle Edmond Charles passes away and she inherits his Willowvale estate in England. Because she needs money to buy a new office, she decides to sell the estate. However, that doesn't go as smoothly as she thought. And Edmond's business partner Jamie isn't exactly cooperative; he absolutely does not want the estate to be sold. Can they come to a compromise together? And does Nora actually still want to return to her life in Los Angeles?


23.The Nine Kittens of Christmas

In the sequel to The Nine Lives of Christmas, it's 5 years later. Veterinarian Marilee has moved to Miami and is in a relationship with Miles, but he's too busy with work to join her for the holidays. She returns to her hometown Jamestown for the first time and there she encounters firefighter Zachery again. When a box with 9 young kittens is left at the fire station, he asks Marilee for help. They pull out all the stops to find a home for all the kittens before the holidays, and in doing so, grow closer again. Is Zachery now ready to commit?


24.Coming Home for Christmas

Lizzie Richfield, house manager for the Mashley estate, plans their final Christmas Eve. As she navigates selling the property, unexpected attractions unfold. Lizzie finds herself drawn to the charming Robert Marley, while Kip Marley harbors a secret crush on her, creating a web of romantic entanglements in the midst of holiday preparations.


25.From the Heart

Kathy Yoder was once an Amish girl, but she left this community and is now a successful travel guide author. When Katy returns home to take care of some business for her father, she is reminded of her former life and her first love, Isaac. Does she decide to stay or does she go back to her life as a traveling writer?


26.Candy Cane Candidate

After a setback at work, Julia decides to return to her hometown for Christmas. But then she realizes that this means she will encounter her old high school rival again: the arrogant know-it-all Parker. Will they get along better than before?


27.Fishing for Love

When Kendall returns home to Mystic Bay for the annual Big Catch Festival, she discovers that her father wants to sell the family boat. When she meets the handsome Zack, she's certain: he must become the new owner. But can he be trusted, or will she catch true love?


28.Lemonade Stand Romance

When 10-year-old Maisie has to suddenly shut down her lemonade stand, career woman Trish sees an opportunity to help both Maisie and the business Sunny Day Lemonade she works for. Reluctantly, she returns to her hometown, but then she discovers that Maisie's father is her high school sweetheart, Evan! As they work together to get a permit for the lemonade stand, they grow closer and old feelings resurface.


29.Heart of the Manor

Lisa's family's mansion has to be sold. But not just to anyone, Lisa believes. On the eve of her sister's wedding, Lisa gets in touch with the handsome developer Matthew when he wants to buy her family's historical estate. The better Lisa gets to know him, the more she likes him. But could he hold the key to Lisa's heart?


30.Falling for You

Lacey organizes a baking contest for singles to raise money for her radio station. When the crowd favorite suddenly cancels, she must look for a new volunteer. She sees the mysterious businessman and software engineer Zac Malone as the ideal candidate. The only problem is he can't bake at all... Will she manage to pull him away from his computer and make him fall in love with the town?


31.Christmas with Felicity

Struggling baker Felicity, lacking Christmas spirit, returns to her hometown. Her festive family helps her rediscover joy. Inspired by a handsome dairy farmer, Felicity finds positivity and courage to launch a new bakery business, blending love and holiday cheer in her journey.


32.Harvest Moon

Jenny only loves two things: shopping and meeting up with friends in the big city. But when her family business goes bankrupt, she decides to travel to the countryside to revitalize the pumpkin farm. And there she meets the charming Brett...


33.Just My Type

Journalist Vanessa is about to get a promotion, but for that she needs a good story. When she goes with her best friend Amber to her parents' B&B, it turns out that the famous author Martin Clayborne lives nearby. Vanessa is a big fan and wants to interview him for her story. However, he's not interested... She attempts to persuade him by helping out with chores, and then something starts to blossom.


34.Love at Mariposa Beach

Claire is struggling with her career and love life. When she finds her mother's photo album, she decides to go back to the sunny Mariposa Beach in Mexico. There, she meets the handsome Antonio who helps her find all the places from the pictures. But then Claire is offered a job in New York. Will she choose her old life in the city or will she give love a chance?


35.Fairfield Road

After Noah loses his job and is cheated on by his girlfriend, he travels to the picturesque town of Cape Cod. Here he falls in love with the bookstore owner, Hailey, and unexpectedly finds a home.


36.Hollywood Dirt

Summer lives in the countryside in Quincy, where many rich people reside. When she hears that a producer wants to make a film about the wealthy, Summer helps them to find locations. But as soon as leading actor Cole arrives, everything changes for her.


37.Blue Moon Ball

To complete the final part of her trilogy, author Grace Montague returns to her hometown. There she encounters her first love Sean again, and he could really use her help. Can they save the special Blue Moon Ball together?


38.A Second Chance at Love

Alicia's parents have been divorced for years. One problem: her dependent parents just won't leave her alone. So, Alicia decides to sign them up on an anonymous dating site. But then her parents get a match with each other and decide to date behind Alicia's back. Soon they find out there was a reason they got divorced 20 years ago. Or do they dare to give their love for each other a second chance?


39.Love on Your Doorstep

TV-host Maisie is brimming with inspiration and ideas, but then her boss comes up with the idea to make a pilot episode around the attractive, local florist Wren. And it's up to Maisie to convince him to participate. Will they manage to create a successful show together?


40.Burning Lies

When Heather's father dies, she shares the inheritance with her stepsister Gwen. She returns to her hometown to settle some affairs, but then she is overwhelmed by a number of strange events. When she has an accident, she is saved by firefighter Ben, whom she knows from school. But can he really be trusted?


41.Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge Part 2

It is 7 years later: Molly works at her father's company and Ryan is a professional singer. When they receive disturbing news about Charlie and Donna, owners of The Bridge bookstore, they see each other again after all those years. They join forces to help them, but something also blossoms between Molly and Ryan. Do they dare to express their love this time?


42.Love in the Sun

When Alana goes to college in Chicago, she agrees with her boyfriend Kai in Florida that they will stay together forever, but they grow apart due to the distance. Ten years later, Alana still lives in Chicago, has developed a successful dating app, and has just got engaged to Evan. To share this good news with her father, she travels back to Florida. But then she runs into her old boyfriend Kai again! Old feelings resurface and they fall in love with each other again. Who will Alana choose?


43.A Town Called Love

Emma is given an assignment by her boss Jenna, a well-known book author, to write a chapter about the town of Love. Upon arrival, she meets the mayor's son, named Riley. Riley and Emma don't get along well, so she decides to impersonate her boss. The mayor wants Riley to show Emma around town and sparks fly between them. But before Emma can tell Riley the truth, he finds out on his own. Will he ever forgive her?


44.Just Jake

Country singer Jake, Amber's ex, returns to his hometown to overcome his writer's block. He asks for Amber's help with this. Will she be willing to help him after he dumped her out of the blue ten years ago? And will Jake succeed in breaking through this time?


45.All Aboard for Love

Alison manages the family business in the harbor but has found a new challenge and will leave in a few weeks. Her parents are now retired, so Alison is busy transferring the business. But as more and more things go wrong, and one after another loyal employee departs, she begins to doubt her decision. Can the handsome Joel help her?


46.Hometown Remedy

Surgeon Adele returns to her hometown to celebrate her father becoming the new mayor. There, she meets Doctor Grant after accidentally hitting him with her car! And then another problem: he is the only doctor in town. So to make amends, Adele takes over all his duties. Meanwhile, Grant shows her the most beautiful spots and old memories quickly resurface for Adele. In the small village, nothing is secret, including the connection between her and Grant. Is Adele ready for this or does she want to go back to the big city?


47.In the Vineyard Trilogy

"In the Vineyard" is a mini film series. Frankie and Nate used to be highschool sweethearts. Years later their paths cross again when they want to buy the same vineyard. Will their cooperation make them feel butterflies again?

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