Highschool sweethearts films

Your childhood sweetheart, also known as your real first love who you often had met at school. In films with the genre highschool sweethearts, the characters find their old school love back again. After their youth they had split and both went in different directions, but meet again. Sometimes the couples have had a bad break-up and can not stand each other anymore, what leads to a love-hate relationship. But love always conquers of course.

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Popular highschool sweethearts films


1.Aloha With Love


Architect Gemma inherits the house of her beloved aunt on Hawaii. But there is one condition, Gemma can't sell the house before it is renovated. This job has been assigned to Ben, Gemma's highschool sweetheart. They work together to renovate the house and old feelings are finding their way back to the surface. Could Gemma start a new life or would she rather go back to the big city and choose for her career..?


2.A Feeling of Home


Abby is host of her own webseries in New England. In order to set up her own product line she needs some authentic north-eastern 'webisodes'. This will be very tricky, cause she is from Texas and tries very hard to hide this. To help her father she returns to his big ranch in Texas. And to her surprise she finds out her ex-boyfriend Ryan is now manager of the ranch. Soon feelings between these two highschool sweethearts start coming back again. Now Abby will have to make a decision; will she go back to her roots for good or will she go for her career in New England?


3.Autumn Dreams


Annie and Ben eloped as teenagers, but Annie's father got this annulled and so they both went their seperate ways. Now years later Ben has a successful life in New York and is about to get married. Annie has stayed at home all this time and has also gotten engaged. But then they find out they are still married to each other! Anne decides to go to New York to say goodbye to her past, but old feelings get stuck in the way.


4.Road Less Traveled


Charlotte is a famous country singer and is about to get married. A week before a wedding, Charlotte goes back to Tennesee to fetch her mother's wedding dress. Once she is there, she runs into her highschool sweetheart Ray. Apparently they aren't fully over their feelings for each other, because sparks start to fly again pretty soon. Because of this, Charlotte starts to doubt her current relationship and she doesn't know with whom her heart lies.


5.Surprised by Love


Business woman Josie has a succesful career in her father's company and has found the perfect man: Richard is handsome, ambitious and the perfect son-in-law. But her parents don't really agree. When the 40th wedding anniversary of her parents is coming up, her parents rather not have Josie bring Richard. So Richard comes up with a plan: if Josie takes her highschool sweetheart Maxwell as a date and her parents see her with a loser, they have no choice but appreciate Richard. But this is not really going like they had in mind.


6.Sweet Home Carolina


Diane is a single mother with two daughters. She is totally overworked and the bond with her eldest daughter is bad. When she inherits a house in South Caroline, she decides to leave Los Angeles behind and move, in the hopes to restore the bond with her daughter. But then she meets her old love Luke again and old feelings are coming back to the surface. She doesn't want to give into this because she wants to give all her attention to her daughters. Still, something starts to blossom between her and Luke again, which makes everything a whole lot more complicated.


7.The Irresistible Blueberry Farm


Ellen is a formidable lawyer who lives together with her boyfriend Hayden, a politician, in New York. He has proposed to her, but she hasn't given him an answer yet. on paper they are perfect together, but Ellen has her doubts. When her grandmother passes away, Ellen is determined to fullfill her grandmother's last wish; to find her childhood love and give him her last letter. What follows is a special adventure where Ellen learns a lot about her grandmother. Will this adventure also teach her what answer she can give Hayden to his proposal?


8.Love at Daisy Hills


Jo runs her family's store in the little town Daisy Hills. When she realizes the store is losing money, she asks her father for help. But she didn't expect him to involve her ex boyfriend Blake. Jo isn't exactly excited for his help and the changes he wants to make, but eventually gives in. While they are working together she slowly opens up her heart for him again.


9.Love, Once and Always


Lucy and her childhood sweetheart Duncan both inherit a historic manor, but are not agreeing on the plans. Duncan want to tear down the manor and place a golf course. Lucy wants to keep the estate as it is and is doing everything she can to stop his plans. While they are working on a compromise, the love between these highschool sweethearts starts to bloom again.


10.Love's Second Chance


Stylist Rose lives in New York when she inherits her grandmother's vintage clothing store. She returns to the town she comes from to see what she is going to do with the store. When she is about to close the store for good, her old highschool sweetheart Cole turns up. He feels that she should keep the store and suggests to help people who can't afford new clothes. During their cooperation feelings from the past are making their way back. Does their love deserve a second chance?


11.Autumn in the Vineyard


Back in highschool Frankie and Nate were madly in love with each other, but alas it wasn't permanent. Now years later their paths cross again when Frankie wants to buy a vineyard and makes a deal. But Nate has also decided to buy that same vineyard and also closes a deal with the seller. Because the judge is not able to treat their case in court, he suggests to share the vineyard and share the harvest. Easier said than done, they don't only have to share the vineyard, but also need to compete with each other for best grapes in the yearly Best Wine competition at the Autumn Harvest Festival.


12.My Boss' Wedding

When the boss of workaholic Nicole is getting married, she is asked to be the wedding planner. There are just two problems: she despises romance, and she has to collaborate with the handsome Michael, her polar opposite. Will Michael be able to change Nicole's mind about love and organize the perfect wedding?


13.Lemonade Stand Romance

When 10-year-old Maisie has to suddenly shut down her lemonade stand, career woman Trish sees an opportunity to help both Maisie and the business Sunny Day Lemonade she works for. Reluctantly, she returns to her hometown, but then she discovers that Maisie's father is her high school sweetheart, Evan! As they work together to get a permit for the lemonade stand, they grow closer and old feelings resurface.


14.Love at the Christmas Contest

Angie's mother passed away a year ago during the holidays, and her greatest dream was to participate in a Christmas tree contest. So Angie decides to enter the contest herself a year later! Her biggest competition; her high school sweetheart with his little daughter. After the death of his wife, single dad David thought it was a good idea to celebrate Christmas at home. Here he spends a lot of time with Angie and old memories resurface. But what if he has to go back to Florida for work?

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