Thrilling series

Thrilling series are a combination of mysteries and detective series and films, but can also be about a more dramatic subject. With thrilling series it's is important that you stay focussed so you don't miss anything. It isn't scary, but you are certainly watching it with a sort of tension and you don't know what you can expect to happen in the next scene.

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Popular thrilling series


1.Bomb Girls

Four Canadian women, Gladys, Kate, Lorna and Vera come to work for Victory Minutions, a bomb factory.


2.Chronicle Mysteries

Alex McPherson is the host of a true crime podcast. She returns to the town Harrington in Pennsylvania for her newest podcast. Here she will investigate the disappearance of a childhood friend for 20 years ago. She works together with The Harrington Chronicle, to unravel the mysteries. Drew Godfrey, chief editor, has a different view on the investigation. But they will still need to work together to unravel this mystery, but also the mysteries to come.


3.Mystery 101

Amy Winslow is a professor who teaches English literature at the university. She is specialized in crime fiction and she named her class 'Mystery 101'. But when there are sudden disappearings and now one of her own students is missing too, Amy starts her own investigation. At the police, there is a new handsome cop, Travis Burke, who is put on the case. He doesn't want Amy to help with the investigation and he wants to do it on his own. Yet, eventually, her knowledge comes in handy. They come to find out that they make a great team and maybe even more than that...


4.Aurora Teagarden Mysteries

Librarian Aurora Teagarden loves mystery book and is a real sleuth. She even has her own 'Real Murders' hobby group, where they discuss and solve mysteries from books, but also real life mysteries. Aurora Teagarden often gets involved with police matters and uses her mystery book knowledge to solve the crimes. But this isn't always wanted, the police don't want her to keep getting involved. She often gets into trouble or even ends up as the target of a crime! Thankfully she has some handsome and tough men in her life who try to support and protect her.


5.Garage Sale Mysteries

Jennifer Shannon loves buying things from garage sales, sometimes it is something antique for in her own store, something for her child or her husband. Jennifer has a good eye for it and has made it her career. Then there are a lot of break ins in town and someone got murdered. Jennifer decides to use her attention to detail to find the culprits herself before they can commit more crimes. But when she gets closer to the truth, she also learns these crimes and mysteries are a lot more dangerous than the garage sales. Can she solve the mysteries and crimes before it is too late?


6.Saving Hope

In the hospital series Saving Hope we follow the doctors of the hospital Hope Zion while they are saving lives. Chief of Surgery, Charlie Harris slips into a coma after a car accident and somehow his ghost is now wandering around the hospital. He can see the ghosts of the patients who died in the hospital and talk to them. His girlfriend, doctor Alex Reid is doing everything in her power to pull Charlie out of his coma. But Alex is also very busy with her own patients and especially when her ex boyfriend doctor Joel Goran comes to work at Hope Zion.


7.Martha's Vineyard Mysteries

Ex-detective Jeff Jackson (Jesse Metcalfe) has been forced into early retirement. He returns to Martha's Vineyard to enjoy the peace, but it is soon shattered when he finds the body of a man in the water! Police Chief Duncan Madieras asks him for help. Can he and doctor Zee Madieras find out what happened? And what happened that forced him to retire? Does the past continue to haunt him?

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