Summer films

Are you also sick of the rain, wind and the cold weather? Plop down on the couch and put on a summer film on WithLove. Summer films are set in the summer and really give you that summer feeling. Also films that for instance are set in a tropical environment and films with a lot of sun and warm weather fall under the genre summer films. So need some extra vitamin D? Then this genre is the best choice for you!

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Popular summer films


1.Advance & Retreat


Allison is a succesful marketeer who is about to make a promotion. Ze is in a relationship with her collaegue Bryce and the company is going on a yearly trip. This year it won't be to a luxorious hotel, but to a survival camp! Allison wants to use this weekend to make clear why she should get the promotion. But then it turns out that it is the same survival camp where Allison was camp leader ten years ago. And where she gotten her heart broken for the first time when she saw her then-boyfriend with another girl. To make things even worse; Cody is now the owner of the camp and he wants Allison to know the truth about wat really happened all those years ago.


2.Flowers & Honey


The life of Sarah takes a different direction when her aunt passes away and inherits her ranch. She is a florist and knows nothing about ranches. As a kid she often visited and she always loved it. So she isn't sure if she wants to take over the ranch or if she would rather sell it. She meets the neighbour of the ranch, the handsome Hank, and they renovate the ranch together. Sparks fly between them, but Sarah needs to consider if she can leave her life and flower shop behind and start again on the ranch."


3.Love & Glamping


City girl Katie is given the assignment to write an article about a luxurious camping resort. Here they partake in glamping, so camping, but in luxury. At first she is really not looking forward to this. She hates nature and is anything but sporty. But she still sees it as a good opportunity for her career. Now she will get the chance to write a real article instead of just a couple of words about a product. At the resort she meets the charming guide Will, who unlike Katie, does love nature.


4.Love at Sea


Eventplanner Olivia is given the special opportunity to organize a big event on a luxorious cruiseship. She has every little detail figured out, but when she meets the charming cruise director Tony, everything she had planned is theathening to fail. Yet, they still have to work together and make compromises. While they are working together to make sure the cruise is going accordingly, they start to see each other in a different light...


5.Love at Sky Gardens


What if you accidentally spull coffee on a handsome guy, just when he has an important meeting? Deirdre is having a bad day at work as a barista and because of the stress and hustle she spills coffee over the customer Marcus. To make up for it, Deirdre offers Marcus, who is an eventplanner, her help to organize a wedding on a rooftop terrace. She has a passion for designing rooftop terraces. Not only her passion is blooming, but also something else...


6.Love's Last Resort


After ten years of dating, Chloe's boyfriend Eric still isn't ready for the next step so she decides to dump him. A couple of months later she books a holiday to a beautiful resort to relax. But at her arrival she finds out that Eric is there to marry her new fiance! In an attempt to make Eric jealous, she asks the handsome resort manager Hunter to pretent to be her boyfriend. The more time she spends with him, the more they start to actually like each other. Is Chloe ready to put her past with Eric behind her for a real shot at true love?


7.My One & Only


Stephanie isn't that lucky in love, because she is afraid to be turned down. When Stephanie's friend signs her up for the reality dating show "The One", she gets set up with the handsome Oliver. While they are trying to figure out if they are the one for each other, they develop a nice connection. But sparks also fly between Stephanie and the handsome Alex, who is the owner of the ranch where the program is filmed... With who is she destined to be with?


8.Romance on the Menu


Caroline is a succesful chef in New York. When she inherits a diner in Lemon Myrtle Cove in Australia, she travels here with the intend to fix it up and sell it. But once she gets there she falls in love with her surroundings and the people. She meets the charming chef Simon, who works at the dinder. Simon decides to help Caroline with fixing up the diner. While they are working together, something nice starts to blossom. Does Caroline still want to go back to her busy life in New York?


9.Sailing Into Love


Claire has a busy life: she is a biology teacher and she is asked to be a bridesmaid by three friends. When she takes her students on an excursion to Blue Island, she finds out the island is for sale and there are plans to have a hotel built on it. And if that isn't bad enough, her ex boyfriend Jason seems to be involved with it. Claire is ready to fight it and try and stop those plans. Fortunately she is helped by the handsome captain Tom.


10.Tulips in Spring


Interior designer Rose is about to get a big job, but then she gets a phone call of her mother saying her father isn't doing well and they could really use her help in their tulip company. Rose decides to go back to her hometown to help her parents and discovers the family farm is in financial problems. Thankfully Tom, the handsome local floral merchant, wants to help her with a last effort to save the family company. While they work together, Rose develops feelings for Tom which make her face a difficult decision; will she choose for her career in Los Angeles of will she choose love and remain at the family tulip farm?


11.Aloha With Love


Architect Gemma inherits the house of her beloved aunt on Hawaii. But there is one condition, Gemma can't sell the house before it is renovated. This job has been assigned to Ben, Gemma's highschool sweetheart. They work together to renovate the house and old feelings are finding their way back to the surface. Could Gemma start a new life or would she rather go back to the big city and choose for her career..?


12.Home by Spring


The ambitious event planner Loretta works in Los Angeles and is presented with the opportunity to go undercover as her boss. She returns to her hometown where she had left her family and her ex boyfriend Wayne many years ago. She is given the task to build the perfect wellness resort. Thankfully she gets help from her family and Wayne. So while she and Wayne are spending time together again, it also awakens old feelings. Will Loretta find love back here again?


13.Summer Love


Maya is trying to pick up where she left of after the passing of her husband. She returns to college and is offered an intership at a succesful tech business that develops apps. There she catches the attention of two very different managers, Colin and Will, and she gets along with both really well. Also Colin and Will are starting to get more feelings for Maya. Will Maya be able to open up her heart and fall in love again?


14.Summer Villa


Terry is a succesful novelist who is struggling with a writer's block. To clear her head, her editor offers her to stay in her family's summer villa. She is shocked when she finds chef Matthew, a failed blind date from the past, in the same villa. Together they rediscover their passions and find love with each other. Until Terry starts to question is it is true love or just a summer fling...


15.True Love Blooms


Vikki loves gardening, but when her communal allotment is theathening to disappear, she will do everything to prevent that. Real estate developer Chase Devine has different plans with the garden, he wants to build apartments. Vikki is trying to make him see how important the garden is for the community and how nice it is to garden. And when the garden is in bloom, love is also slowly blooming.


16.A Ring by Spring


Caryn isn't the type for a steady and serious relationship. She prefers to work on her career and is in no rush to settle down. At a charity event she gets pursuaded to have her future predicted by Madame Rue. But she offers a rather shocking prediction. She either has an engagement ring before spring or she will never get married. Right after this her boyfriend leaves her and now Caryn fears she will never find the one and the prophecy will come true, until she meets the young company director Tom...


17.Love at the Shore


Single mom and writer Jenna is taking a break with her children. She rents a beach house and is planning on working on her next story there. Contrary to Jenna, her kids are getting along with their neighbour Lucas splendidly. But Jenna is very annoyed with his lifestyle. He makes too much noise and is creating a distracting she definately can't use right now with her coming deadline for her book. He is her total opposite and she can't stand him. But she also can't deny that Lucas is very handsome and charming.


18.Summer in the Vineyard


Now the first year of the Sorrento Farm is coming to an end, the new couple Frankie and Nate are looking forward to the presentation of their first vintage wine at the annual Summerfest! But when the location of the Summerfest is cancelled at the last moment, Nate suggest to host the festival on the Sorrento Farm. A good opportunity to present the vineyard to the public. But Frankie is more worried if their Cabernet will be ready in time...


19.Secret Summer


Rachel is an appraiser and for her work she needs to go to an old library in California. Her client wants to buy this to tear it down and build a resort on the estate. Once she is there she meets the handsome Jake, who is taking care of his niece and nephew this summer. He is an author and working on a new book. Because of him she discovers what the library means for the town. Together they will do everything it takes to save the library!


20.The Maltese Holiday


Shea was supposed to make a trip to Malta with a friend, but she cancels last minute. Michael was also going to Malta together with a friend, but he too cancels the holiday. Once arrived on Malta, Shea and Michael meet each other and they soon find out that they are the only singles on the island... Was it destined that they would both make the trip alone and meet each other?


21.The Beach House

It has been years since Cara has left her family for her career and made a fresh start in Chicago. When she loses her job, she returns to the place where she grew up. Her mother has taking in a young woman who is pregnant and is dedicated to saving baby turtles. While she is helping her mother with renovating the family beach house, she gets into contact with her old highschool sweetheart Brett again. They spend a lot of time together and old feelings find their way back to the surface. But her mother is keeping a secret what is weighing on the family.


22.Love Finds You in Charm

Emma Miller seems to be the most blessed girl in Indiana. She is a teacher, enjoys the attention of a wonderful man and has a loving family. But this Amish girl wants more, she longs for adventure and wants to see the world. Emma takes her chance when her sister invites her to spend the summer vacation with family members in Charm, Ohio. In Charm, she meets an English girl and despite their differences, the two soon become friends. But Emma does not feel well between the two worlds, in which she is pulled back and forth. She has to make a decision which way she wants to go, with all the consequences that entails.


23.A Summer to Remember


24.Love for Starters


25.Don't Go Breaking My Heart

With "Miranda's Breakup Boot Camp," Miranda organizes a boot camp for people with broken hearts. The handsome journalist Ben is new to the group. He has recently been dumped by his ex Jennifer, but is mostly trying to get over his breakup with Serena from 10 years ago. While one of Miranda's rules is that no dating is allowed between members, love slowly blossoms between Miranda and Ben. But what if Miranda finds out what Ben has been keeping from her?


26.Redemption in Cherry Springs


27.All Summer Long

Tia's dream finally comes true after years: she gets to sail on a cruise as captain. But her dream goes into rough waters when she comes across her handsome ex Jake on the boat. Another problem: he works there as a chef! Will they find a way to work together?


28.You Had Me At Aloha

What if you have to collaborate with your polar opposite? Paige loves planning and never does anything spontaneously. The same goes for her job as a host of a travel show in Hawaii. What she doesn't know is that she'll have to work with Ben, who always goes to the limit. But the more they explore the island together, the closer they get to each other.


29.Dance of the Heart

Leah is a successful financial executive, but something is still missing in her life. While on vacation in Hawaii, she secretly takes hula dance lessons and discovers a new passion. Could that also have something to do with the handsome islander Ikaika? Will she find what she's been looking for all along in Hawaii?


30.Caribbean Summer

After a mishap at work, Jade is forced to take mandatory leave. She decides to relax on a Caribbean island, where she meets a mysterious handsome man named Ford... As they get to know each other better and she momentarily forgets about work, she discovers his true background. Will Jade use this new information to advance her career or will she follow her heart and help Ford clear his name once and for all so they can start a new chapter together?

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