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Life without music is boring, that is what many people think. Also in films music can play a big part. In the music films on WithLove it is still all about love, but the characters are musicians of have a passion for love. Music brings the two lovebirds together and makes their hearts melt. Music is often the language of love, also in our romantic music films.

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Popular music films


1.A Very Country Christmas Homecoming


Jeanette and Zane have returned from their magical honeymoon and now they want to have a perfect Christmas with their daughter Quinn. But then the ex father-in-law of Jeanette shows up out of the blue, wanting to be a part of their lives. In the mean time Zane deals with annoying paparazzi and a bothersome teen idol. Their plans for their perfect first Christmas as a family are at risk of failing.


2.A Very Country Christmas


Jeanette is a single mother and works very hard to give her daughter a good life. What she doesn't know is that country singer Zane has taken residence in the area to get some peace and quiet and escape from the paparazzi. What Zane wasn't expecting was that he would also meet the love of his life. He and Jeanette keep getting closer and sparks fly high. But can it work between them with their two very different worlds?


3.Chateau Christmas


Margot is a professional pianist and is very busy. So when her family invites her to celebrate Christmas in a castle, she sees this as an opportunity to finally get some time off and rest. But this rest is cut short, because her ex-boyfriend Jackson is also invited. He wants him and her to play together at the annual Christmas concert. Their collaboration is starting off very stiffly and is going troublesome. Still, old feelings come floating back to the surface.


4.Christmas in my Heart


Beth is a violist who returns home after the death of her mother. Here she is asked to help the daughter of country singer Sean with the preparations of her school's Christmas concert. Beth and the girl grow a special bond because of their mutual love for classical music. Sean also opens up his heart for classical music. He and Beth are total opposites, but this doesn't stop them from getting feelings for each other.


5.Calling for Love


Samantha has a succesful podcast and has a passion for music. When her boss proposes to host the show Heartwaves she is doubting if it would be a good choice. It is a feelgood show in which lovers are brought together under the guidance of cheesy lovesongs. This doesn't match Samantha at all since she doesn't believe in love anymore. Still, she gives a hundred percent when in her first assignemt she has to help Jake find someone again. Although it is Samantha's job to bring these two back together, she unexpectedly develops feelings for Jake.


6.Christmas in Vienna


Concert violist Jess has always wanted just one thing in her life; to play the violin. But lately she has lost her passion for playing music. She is thinking about quitting playing. Then she needs to go to Vienna for a Christmas concert and is pondering is this will be her last concert. But against expectations, she gets inspired again in this beautiful city. She rediscovers her passion for music and when she meets the charming Marc and his sweet family, she may also find love.


7.Enchanted Christmas


Lauren has lost her husband at young age and left her hometown after this. Now, years later, she returns to her hometown for her work to transform an old hotel to a dancing hall so that there can be held a dancing competition on Christmas Eve. But shortly after her arrival she finds out her old flame Ricardo is partaking in the dancing competition. Laura used to love dancing, but has somewhat lost this passion. Will Ricardo bring her love for dancing and maybe even each other back to the surface?


8.In the Key of Love


Maggie and Jake formed a musical group. After their singing career has failed, Maggie decides to leave town and to get a job as a wedding photographer. Two years after she has left town, she returns and is reunited with her ex boyfriend Jake at the wedding she is working at. Tensions rise high, but when they perfom together at the wedding once more at the request of the bride Jennifer, they remember how good they were and old feelings are coming back to the surface again...


9.Road Less Traveled


Charlotte is a famous country singer and is about to get married. A week before a wedding, Charlotte goes back to Tennesee to fetch her mother's wedding dress. Once she is there, she runs into her highschool sweetheart Ray. Apparently they aren't fully over their feelings for each other, because sparks start to fly again pretty soon. Because of this, Charlotte starts to doubt her current relationship and she doesn't know with whom her heart lies.


10.Spotlight Under The Mistletoe


After the album sale of country singer Tess is reducing, her record label is forcing her to record a Christmas album with pop star Derek. Derek used to be a teen idol, but now he has faded into the background. They seem to be total opposited and have a lot of different opinions. They are annoyed that they are forced to work together, but while the album is beginning to take more shape, they notice they have more in common than they first thought. And when Christmas is just around the corner, they are getting closer to each other.


11.A Christmas Comeback


Ashlyn is a single mother and singer. She used to be in the band 'The Roses' together with her mother, but because of a fight they split up. Now they are expected to make a new Christmas album. Ashlyn's daughter wants nothing more than to have her grandmother back in their lives, but Ashlyn feels very differently about that. Maybe her new producer Smith can change her mind.


12.Love and the Radio Star

1-0-law-of-attraction of Attraction

The young, ambitious lawyer Allison is trying to win a major case for a promotion. However, her dedication and hard work don't always get noticed. When she meets the affable DJ, she finally feels acknowledged for who she truly is. She starts to like him more and more... until she discovers that he works for the opposing party. Will she choose her career or love?


14.A Winter Princess

Princess Carly works undercover for a year as an event planner at a ski resort, but the charming Jesse quickly discovers her true identity. Together they plan the event of the year: the annual winter gala! However, her brother and her father suddenly show up on her doorstep. Will they be able to keep her secret? And what happens when Carly has to return home for her royal duties?


15.Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge Part 2

It is 7 years later: Molly works at her father's company and Ryan is a professional singer. When they receive disturbing news about Charlie and Donna, owners of The Bridge bookstore, they see each other again after all those years. They join forces to help them, but something also blossoms between Molly and Ryan. Do they dare to express their love this time?


16.Just Jake

Country singer Jake, Amber's ex, returns to his hometown to overcome his writer's block. He asks for Amber's help with this. Will she be willing to help him after he dumped her out of the blue ten years ago? And will Jake succeed in breaking through this time?


17.Country Hearts

Tori and June are the daughters of country stars Bones and Darlene and are well on their way to making a career with their own band. They receive a fantastic offer from a record company, but that means they have to leave their family, the ranch, and love behind. Do they dare to pursue their dreams?


18.Country Hearts Christmas

In the sequel to Country Hearts, the sisters Tori and June go to Nashville to record music. They get to perform an important show on Christmas Eve, a unique opportunity! Only this means they have to miss Christmas Eve with their family and the associated Christmas service. Can they still find a way to combine it and spend the holidays with family?

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