Wedding films

In these films on WithLove, weddings are the main event. A couple in love is about to get married and need to plan the wedding, but they could also encounter obstacles that will put their love at the test. In wedding films, there could also be single characters who get invited to a wedding and be looking for love. A wedding film is the highlight of romance, here love is finally defined and you can start dreaming about your own wedding. WithLove wouldn't be WithLove without the most romantic wedding films.

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Popular wedding films


1.A Very Country Wedding


Jeanette and Zane are about to get married. Jeanette is trying to find her place in Zane's world, but the paparazzi are making it very hard for them. Zane still has to do a tour and this schedule is causing problems with the wedding planning. Jeanette begins to question if she belongs in Zane world and if he even has time for her. Are they able to save their relationship and wedding?


2.Beverly Hills Wedding


When Molly's sister gets engaged, she signs the couple up for a competition where you can win a fully cared for dream wedding in a hotel in Beverly Hills. This wedding will then be organized by the famous wedding planner Terrence Roquefort. Everything seems perfect, until the engaged couple isn't agreeing with the wedding plans and Molly starts to get feelings for her ex-boyfriend Cory again who is the groom's best man.


3.Bridal Wave


Georgie and doctor Phillip are engaged, but the two families don't like each other at all. Phillip's mother doesn't think Georgie is good enough for her son. She also completely takes over the entire wedding planning and has planned something extravagant on an island. But Georgie much rather prefers something small and simple. As the wedding is getting closer, Georgie starts having doubts. Especially when the bumps into the handsome Luke with whom she has a lot more in common. Will Georgie listen to her heart?


4.Christmas in Evergreen: Bells are Ringing


The wedding day of the mayor of Evergreen, Michelle is near. When her fiance is out of town, she could use some help with the wedding preparations. She enlists the help of her friend and future sister-in-law Hannah. But if that is really the smartest thing to do.? Hannah is doubting her own future with her own relationshop with Elliot. Michelle and Hannah now both need to figure out where their hearts lie and face difficult decisions while Christmas is near.


5.Ms. Matched


Wedding planner Libby makes her clients dreams come true by organizing the most fairytale like weddings. But she hasn't found her own Prince Charming yet. Then she meets the handsome author Ben Reynolds. They fall for each other instantly. Until she realizes Ben's new book is about cheap weddings which can endanger her business. But when they need to plan a wedding together, they seem to be a pretty good team. And maybe even more than that...


6.Royally Ever After


Teacher Sara is proposed to by her boyfriend Daniel and couldn't be happier. But then he reveals he is the prince of the small St. Ives. To be able to get married, they need the blessing from his disaproving parents. Fortunately Danny's sister supports their marriage and teaches Sara how to be the perfect princess. But Sara finds it hard to adjust to this new lifestyle, where love goes together with rules and regulations. Will and can she give up her normal life to become a royal?


7.Save the Wedding


Meg is an ambitious wedding planner and is asked by her best friend Ellie to organize her wedding. But things aren't going according to plan and now after a couple of pre wedding parties, Ellie has gotten cold feet and doesn't want to get married anymore. Now Meg must work together with Tyler, the best man, who is also her enemy from school, to save the wedding. Together they organize the most romantic dates for Ellie and her fiance. And maybe Meg and Tyler find love for themselves as well...


8.Stop the Wedding


When Anna's aunt Belle gets the famous actor Martin as her new neighbour, she is shocked to hear that they are engaged a month later. Anna is confinced that Martin is cheating on her aunt and rushes to Seattle to stop the wedding. Once she is there she meets Martin's son, the handsome doctor Clay, who just like her wants to prevent the wedding from happening. While they are working together and try to sabotage the wedding in every way possible, they fall in love with each other...


9.The Last Bridesmaid


Becca is that one friend who is the single bridesmaid at every wedding. Now her cousin Lucy is also engaged, and Becca is the last one to get married. But she isn't sad about this; she is waiting for Mr. Right! At one of the weddings she met Kyle, a videographer. He is also hired for Lucy's wedding, where Becca as the maid of honour has a very important task. Will the two find each other even though they have a completely diffent view on true love?


10.The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells


Molly is a succesful fitness coach and is in a relationship with wedding photographer Nick. They are madly in love with each other and decide to get married. But by a mistake in the reservations, they suddenly have only 6 weeks to plan their wedding. And this isn't the only things, because before they even get married, problems in their lifes arise and they start to have second thoughts about their relationship. And then Molly's ex boyfriend is on her doorstep... Will they eventually say 'I do' to each other?


11.The Wedding Planner


Weddig planner Mary is very succesful at her job, but not so much in love. This to her father's dismay. He is dying for his daughter to get married and is trying to set her up with Massimo who is madly in love with Mary. But Mary doesn't want anything to do with him, certainly not after she met the handsome doctor Steve Edison. But when she meets the fiance of a new client, it turns out to be him! Will she manage to put her feelings aside and still give them the best day of their lives?


12.Valentine in the Vineyard


In this third part it is time for a wedding! Nate asks Frankie to marry him and she, of course, says yes! But just when they are about to tell Nate's family, Nate's brother tells he is engaged and wants to get married quickly, preferably on Valentine's Day. Nate and Frankie don't have to marry that quickly, so they keep their engagement a secret so Marco and Lexi can have the spotlight. In the preparations to Nate's brother's wedding, Nate and Frankie come to see what is most important in love and in a relationship and discover how they can get their 'happily ever after'.


13.Wedding Every Weekend


Brooke has just ended her relationship with Colin when she has planned a wedding every coming weekend for the next four weeks. Nate happens to be invited for the same weddings. They are both single and hate having to sit at the single's table. So they come up with a plan, they decide to be wedding buddies. This way they will prevent having the wedding couple trying to set them up as well. They both want to be single for some time and don't even want to think about a relationship. But is that truly what they want when they start to get to know each other better?


14.I Do, I Do, I Do


What if you are about to get married, but you are not sure if he is the one? Much to her shock, Jaclyn relives her disastrous wedding day with Peter over and over again because of a curse. How can she break this curse? Together with Max, Peter's handsome brother, she tries to overcome her fears to discover what it really is she wants in life.


15.June in January


June just got engaged to her big love Alex and is very busy with the preparations of her dream wedding: an outside wedding in June, exactly like how she fantasized about with her mother as a kid. But then her mother in law and her fiance throw a spanner in the works! For his work, Alex needs to go to the other side of the country and suggest to get married now, in January! Can June accept a winter wedding?


16.Love at First Dance


Dance teacher Hope is asked to help hunk Eric with dance lessons for his extravagant wedding. They spend a lot of time together on the dance floor and are getting a close personal connection. While the wedding is getting closer, they are starting to get more feelings for each other. But they try to keep their distance. When Hope gets offered her dream job in London, both her and Eric need to decide who or what really makes them happy.


17.Love, Take Two


Lucy is a producer for a wedding reality show, for the next episode she returns to her old college town. But then she discovers her handsome ex Scott is about to get married and is also cast as the groom for her show. While she is busy arranging everything for the reality show, the old feelings she had for Scott start to come back again and they both need to decide what and who really makes them happy.


18.My Best Friend's Bouquet


Josie is a hopeless romantic who believes that the wedding bouquet finds the person who is getting married next. When she accidentally catches the bouquet at the wedding of her friend Emma, she assumes it is a mistake. She hasn't even got a boyfriend who she can marry. Until she gets to know the handsome bachelor Will and starts believing that he is the one. But is he really her perfect match?




The three friends, Erin, Casey and Stella, have had their dream wedding around the same time. But their happiness is disturbed when they find out the pastor that married them, had made a mistake in the paper work. Because of this their marriages are being annulled and they have to explain to their husbands that they aren't legally married. But now the women are starting to doubt their men. Will they choose to get married for real, or start over?


20.Our Dream Wedding


When Natalie is proposed to by her boyfriend Scott, she has her doubts. She doens't really feel anything for marriage. She goes to her grandmother for advice and she puts on a magic wedding veil on Natalie. With this she can see her own future! She sees herself happily married to Scott and together they have two children. Will this mean she is ready for the future and a marriage with Scott?


21.Wedding Cake Dreams


When Carrie Watson was 12 years old, she placed a piece of wedding cake under her pillow. According to her mother she would dream about her future love. And she did! She saw who she was going to marry. Now, all grown up, her little sister is about to get married. When she meets the groom's best man she is completely in shock: it is the man from her dream! But she can't tell him the truth of course...


22.Winter Castle


Jenny's sister Meg is getting married in an ice hotel. Meg is planning to set Jenny up with the handsome widower Craig, who will also be at the wedding. When Jenny first meets Craig, it seems like love at first sight. She hopes for a romantic winter with him, until then it turns out Craig didn't come alone and introduces her to his plus one Lana. But who is Lana and will she get in the way of a shot at love?


23.The Perfect Bride


Molly used to work as a marriage mediator and know uses her knowledge as a fitness coach to prepare couples for their big day. She does this by combining yoga with marriage advice. In the past, Molly has had her own share of marriage problems. When she meets the charming photographer Nick at a wedding, sparks immediately fly high. But then he turns out to be the fiance of one of Molly's clients. And Nick has some doubts about his relationship...


24.A December Bride


Layla is a talented interior designer. For a moment it looked like her dream to get married in December was going to come true, until her fiance decided to dump her last minute. When she hears her cousin is going to get married with her ex-fiance, she is really not looking forward to go to their wedding all by herself. She gets saved by the handsome banker Seth who doesn't mind playing her fiance. But that is until they get genuine feelings for each other...


25.Sisters of the Groom


Sarah is cooking for the new catering business of her sister Molly and working in the kitchen till late. Until Jason, the neighbour from below, comes to complain about the noise she is making in the middle of the night. It is an awkward first meeting. But when they meet each other at a later time, they seem to be able to help each other out. Jason needs a date for his brother's wedding and asks Sarah to accompany him, but in return she wants her sister's catering business to be in charge of the catering. It sounds as a good deal, but then they start to have actual feelings for each other...


26.The Wedding Do Over


Abby has a company that is specialized in second weddings. Her cousin Emily asks for her help with her second marriage with soldier Dan. Abby can't wait to make it the most beautiful wedding ever. But what she didn't expect was that she would run into Dan's brother Peter. Peter is her ex fiance. He is paying for the wedding and wants to help organize it. The two are forced to spend a lot of time together again. Is there still love between these exes?


27.The Wedding Chapel


After artist Sarah is dumped by her boyfriend, she returns to her hometown to visit her mother. When she finds out the local wedding chapel is being demolished because the city council wants to place a more modern building, she makes it her mission to save the chapel. Thankfully she gets the support and help of the handsome lawyer Roger! Can they save the chapel?


28.Hopeless Romantic

Matt is a true romantic and thinks it's high time to ask his girlfriend Alexis to marry him. To his great surprise, she says 'no'. According to her, he is not serious about a real relationship. Matt watches a number of romantic comedies in a drunken mood and plans to win over Alexis again. His best friend Liz, who finds Matt's plan absurd, decides to help him anyway. Matt's plan seems to work and slowly the spark between Matt and Alexis is spreading again. But then Matt finds out that he and Alexis may have grown too far apart...


29.How to Find Forever


30.Married by Mistake


31.The Convenient Groom


32.The Marry Me Pact


33.The Wedding Contest


34.Marrying Father Christmas

Miranda and Ian met each other during Christmas, a year later he proposed to her, and this Christmas it's happening; they are getting married! But then an uninvited guest shows up at the door. Who is this man, and what is he doing there? Can Miranda's wedding and the love of her life go on as planned? Watch this christmas movie starring Erin Krakow([when calls the heart](


35.The Wedding Rule


36.A Time To Dance

John and Abby have been married for years, but their marriage isn't really working anymore. They want to divorce, but then their daughter announces her wedding! Divorce is not an option now, so John and Abby put aside their problems for a while to give her an unforgettable day. But in the process, they find themselves getting closer to each other again...


37.Wedding Bells

Nick and Molly are two workaholics with a fear of commitment. Both are asked to be witnesses at the wedding of their mutual friends Amy and Jamie. Nick and Molly, who have little in common, meet each other at the wedding. It doesn't take long before the spark between them ignites.


38.A Wedding Wonderland

Lucas and Hallie are engaged and start planning their tropical dream wedding. But their love is tested when they become entangled in family drama and the wedding location of their dreams turns out to be fully booked for an entire year. Not wanting to wait, they decide to have a winter wedding instead. Will this still be the most beautiful day of their lives?


39.Her Best Friend's Wedding

What if you fall in love with your best friend who is about to get married? And you're also the wedding planner! The more time Matt and Sienna spend together, the more they realize how much they've missed each other...


40.Plus One at an Amish Wedding

April and Jesse complement each other in every way, except that Jesse hasn't said anything about his family. April is excited to finally meet his family, but what she doesn't know is that Jesse's family is Amish and not too fond of strangers. Will love prevail?


41.Picture Perfect Romance

After Zoey's ex-fiancé leaves her at the altar, she decides to give up her passion for wedding photography. However, when a childhood friend asks her to be the photographer for her wedding, Zoey is forced to confront her past and allow love back into her life.


42.Love in Bloom

Florist Amelia travels from Chicago to Australia as a bridesmaid for her sister's wedding. Just days before the wedding the engaged couple are trapped at their resort due to a storm. With so much left to arrange, can Amelia and best man Grayson save the wedding?


43.Before You Say I Do

When George gets down on one knee to propose to his great love Jane, she has doubts because her ex-husband Doug has cheated on her in the past. Due to a car accident, George goes back in time ten years and is just in time to stop Jane from marrying Doug. Can George convince Jane not to marry Doug but to marry him instead?


44.Hidden Gems

Addy and her family are in Hawaii for her sister Kate's wedding. While they are busy with the wedding preparations, she loses her grandmother's valuable ring. The ring is incredibly important to her and is supposed to bring good luck. The stubborn, but handsome diving instructor Jack can help her search for the ring in the water. Their teamwork and search start off a bit rough, but they increasingly get along better. Does the special ring truly bring luck?


45.Wedding Season

When journalist Trish has three weddings in a row, she decides to bring her handsome childhood friend Ryan as her plus one. They haven't spoken to each other for years and soon old feelings resurface. But then, Ryan receives an opportunity he can't say no to. Will they lose sight of each other again or will they give their love a second chance?


46.Arranged Love

After Meera runs away on her wedding day, she moves to New York to make a fresh start. She now runs her own start-up, but the company is in jeopardy when Meera makes a mistake and gets sued by an investor. There is a way to get the money and save the business; there's still an inheritance waiting for her in India. However, she must first get married for that...


47.The Wedding Contract

When Rebecca and Adam meet, it's love at first sight. Together, they plan the wedding of their dreams, but it becomes difficult when their mothers start interfering. Just then, Adam also gets the opportunity of a lifetime to work in Los Angeles, which means he is hardly ever home now. Are they making the right choice to marry each other?

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