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To find love, you have to get out there and start dating. It's very rare to meet your true love out on the street and feel an instant connection. In date films, the characters are looking for love and start dating to find their true love. It is tricky to find your true love and it sometimes takes a couple of dates to know if you have a connection with someone and if you could fall in love with this person. But sometimes as a couple you also still need dates to keep the romance going.

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Popular date films


1.A Match Made at Christmas


Holly is a hopeless romantic and looking for true love. Then she gets set up with the cynical Chris who doesn't believe in true love and romantics by her psychic aunt. They are the perfect match according to her aunt. These two opposites can't stand each other, but according to their village's traditions they need to get married. They continue to grow more fond of one and other and bring out the best in each other, but then Holly does something that can ruin everything.


2.A New Year's Resolution


Producer Kelly Leone has come up with a New Years resolution for the new year: she will say yes to every invitation for a month. Soon she is doing things she has never done before and she meet a new cute man, Tom. She and Tom hit it off immediately, but things aren't going how they would like...


3.Accidentally Engaged


During an acting job the single Clarissa meets the handsome actor Chas Hunter and accidentally spills coffee on him. When a photo is leaked of Chas with a woman who looks a lot like her, they decide to make a deal. Hij will be her date for the wedding of her best friend so she can show him off. And she will pretend to be his fiance so that no one can find out who he is really dating. But the more time they spend together, the more they like each other... Is it just a game or is it real love?


4.A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love


A coincidental meeting brings Alice and Jack, two total strangers with different lifes, together for a wedding in the weekend. They hit it off immediately, but after a failed long distance relationship of Alice, she is scared to get hurt again. Her mothers has her own opinion and encourages Alices to start dating again. After a series of coincidental events they keep bumping into each other and the love between them grows stronger. Until they are both faced with a hard decision. Is the love they have for each other strong enough to face the obstacles life brings?


5.Save the Wedding


Meg is an ambitious wedding planner and is asked by her best friend Ellie to organize her wedding. But things aren't going according to plan and now after a couple of pre wedding parties, Ellie has gotten cold feet and doesn't want to get married anymore. Now Meg must work together with Tyler, the best man, who is also her enemy from school, to save the wedding. Together they organize the most romantic dates for Ellie and her fiance. And maybe Meg and Tyler find love for themselves as well...


6.Anything for Love


Katherine is a real career oriented woman, but is now looking for love. She decides to try out a dating app. Here she meets the handsome doctor Jack. They hit it off right away and they start dating. But there is a bit of a problem, they have both lied on their dating profile... Will de lies drive them apart or will they still be a good match?


7.Bottled With Love


After a failed date Abby decides to express her feelings in a letter. She writes a heartfelt letter together with her mailadress and puts it in a bottle and throws it in the sea. Months later the letter is found by Nick. He reaches out to her and they start an online romance. But what they don't know of each other, is that they are actually coworkers in real life. And in real life they don't particularly like each other...


8.Love's Match


Leah runs a succesful dating website named 'OneMatch'. When she comes across her handsome rival Peter by accident, they are start talking. Leah finds out that the approach Peter uses for matching people is very different from hers. Leah and Peter decide to work together when she is having trouble with finding a match for a client. This way yhey can also finally see which approach works best. Will they find love themselves along the way too?


9.A Perfect Christmas


When Holly slips and hit her head she meet hunk Bo, totally her type and perfect for her. Holly gets along very well with her new man and soon everything is going perfectly. But the perfect is getting to be a but unbelievable and somewhat boring. Will Holly choose for a perfect life with the perfect boyfriend or for a real love who has been waiting quite some time for her?


10.Christmas by the Book


Joanna is a bestselling author and is well known as a relationship expert. When she hears that some famous producers will approach her for her own television show, she asks her friend to pretend to be in relationship with her. While pretending, they keep getting more feelings for each other. But when one of the producers also starts to like Joanna, she faces a difficult decision. Who will she choose?


11.While You Were Dating


Nick and Julia divorced each other 16 years ago. After many years they are looking for a new love and sign up for a dating website. They both find someone they can talk really well with, but what they don't know is that they are online dating each other. Until they go on a blind date... Then everything becomes clear. They decide to arrange new dates for each other. But are they really looking for someone else or will they find out that they are made for each other?


12.Christmas Crush


Addie has a secret crush on her neighbour Sam. One day she wishes he falls in love with her, and her wish comes true. But then it appears to have affected the wrong neighbour, her new neighbour Pete falls hopelessly in love with her. He gives her grand romantic gestures while Addie has absolutely no feelings for him. Pete is even in a relationship and this is at stake now as well. Will Addie succeed in stopping his infatuation, but also make her wish come true?


13.Same Time Next Week


Nine months ago, Sara's husband has passed away. After his death he left a bucket list and Sara has made it her goal to finish it. But after a scooter accident she gets into contact with doctor Ryan. He has lost his wife a little over a year ago and knows exactly what Sara is going through. They decide to continue Sara's late husband together. The two start to have more feelings for each other, but Sara feels like she is cheating on her husband. Will their love for each other withstand?


14.An Hour Behind


Trish' friends arrange a blind date for her. But when Trish forgets to change her watch to winter time, she arrives too late. Her date has already left, but Trish ends up talking to Parker, who pretends to be her blind date. The two have a lovely time together, but can Parker keep up that he is her blind date? And what happens when Trish finds out?


15.A Bet with the Matchmaker


16.All Yours


17.Been There All Along


18.The Perfect Man(icure)

1-0-law-of-attraction of Attraction

The young, ambitious lawyer Allison is trying to win a major case for a promotion. However, her dedication and hard work don't always get noticed. When she meets the affable DJ, she finally feels acknowledged for who she truly is. She starts to like him more and more... until she discovers that he works for the opposing party. Will she choose her career or love?


20.Love & Where to Find It

Café owners Lena and Jonah are each other's biggest competitors and don't get along at all. When Lena's best friend Ava asks for help with dating, Lena suggests writing messages for Ava to her date. But what she doesn't know is that Jonah does exactly the same for his best friend... They exchange loving messages with each other without knowing that it is them...


21.Just the Way you Are

Jennie is a successful matchmaker, but after 15 years of marriage, she feels something is missing in her own relationship. She suggests a blind date with her husband Ian in an effort to rekindle their marriage. Can the "newly-mets" fall in love again?


22.Two for the Win

Romance in the snow! When ski world champion Justin and local ski instructor Kayla see each other again after years, they immediately click. But he can't afford to be distracted. He needs to prepare for the biggest race of his life.


23.Afterburn / Aftershock

Businesswoman Gia has just landed a new job and is determined to make it a success. Until her handsome former lover Jax appears before her again. There is still a strong attraction, not only in the workplace but also in the bedroom.


24.Matching Hearts

Matchmaker Julia tries to get the eternal bachelor Daniel, the new resident in her village, to use her services. If Julia succeeds in pairing him up, she will get a promotion at work. Luckily, Daniel accepts her offer, but reluctantly. Will she manage to find the perfect woman for Daniel or is true love closer than she thinks?


25.Fashionably in Love

Avery dreams of working in the fashion world for designer Lisette Monique. Oliver can help her with that, but in return, he wants Avery to go on a public date with him to improve his bad image. They make a deal and get to work. Can they help each other achieve their goals?


26.Love Hacks

Sam believes she can solve all problems in relationships. To prove this, she has to create a podcast about love. She gets assistance from the cheerful producer Josh, who challenges her to put her own heart to the test.


27.Love at First Like

Journalist Kacey hates dating apps, but has to collaborate with dating expert Ryan for her job. The two can't stand each other because they think differently about dating. Together they discover that finding true love isn't always easy. Or have they already found the one?


28.Fashionably Yours

For years, Lauren has been organizing fashion collections at a magazine in Seattle. When the lease of her apartment expires, she decides to move back in with her parents. The handsome Rob takes care of the move and they make a deal: in exchange for her help in learning to organize better, he will show her the most beautiful places in the city. Does she even want to leave the city after that?


29.You'll Never Leave Me

When April and her partner Patrick have a car accident, he falls into a coma. April fares better, but her panic attacks return, and she finds them hard to cope with. One day, when she experiences a panic attack in public, she is assisted by a stranger. They hit it off well, but he seems to be hiding something.


30.Accidentally in Love

A few days before photographer Edie has to return to the United States, she meets handsome advertising executive James. At the last meeting they end up missing each other, but then by chance they run into each other again at work. Can they give their relationship a second chance or does Edie think he will abandon her again?


31.Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge

When Molly goes to college at Belmont University, she meets local Ryan. He shows her around town and they become study partners. They spend a lot of time together at The Bridge bookstore and get to know each other better. Can they inspire each other and make their dreams come true?


32.Dare to Say Yes

It's Michelle's worst day —fired and dumped. Best friend Sara urges a spa's "Just Say Yes" program. She meets Jack, longing for home. Yet, amidst uncertainty, Michelle contemplates saying yes to him, realizing the unexpected may bring new possibilities.


33.How to Win a Prince

A perennially single dating coach aims to win a prince's heart amid NYC's dating scene chaos. Unexpectedly, she starts falling for his right-hand man. The question arises: Will she win the prince or find love in an unexpected place?

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