Historic films

History enthusiasts, unite! If you're looking for a film that can teach you something, make you cry a little, and maybe even laugh, then you should check out one of the historical films on WithLove. Historical films can contain romance, humour, action, horror and even a bit of all four. In short, there is something for everyone! Although some of these films differ from history, they are all at least roughly based on interesting stories from the past. WithLove has some of the best historical films available to watch now. A historical film is a perfect choice for an evening that is both informative and entertaining. These excellent historical films will teach you something valuable, regardless of genre or subject. Pick one and let the learning begin.

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Popular historic films


1.Christmas at Maple Creek


Diana is a novelist and a real romantic. When she finds out the charming town Maple Creek is in trouble, she decides to help out. She organizes a Christmas gala in a pioneer style. There she meets Carter, blacksmith and town historian and the sparks immediately fly high. But when her friend Greg, who she is secretly in love with, comes to visit, Diana needs to decide where her heart lies.


2.A Timeless Christmas


Charles Whitley was born in 1870, but because of a magical Christmas clock what is supposed to take you to your true love, he travels 100 year forward in time. He wakes up in his own manor, but comes to discover it is now a museum, under the direction of Megan. The museum re-enacts the Christmas days from his time with actors and Charles himself gets mistaken for an actor. Megan comes to the realization he is the real Charles Whitley who mysteriously diseappeared 100 years ago. While teaching him the ways of present time, they are also looking for a way for him to return to his own time. But does Charles still want to go back?


3.When Calls the Heart (de film)


This films, prior to the series When Calls the Heart, tells the story of Elizabeth Thatcher, daughter of a rich shipping magnate. Elizabeth has chosen for a career as a teacher and moves for her work to a small town in the country side. Her family isn't happy with this and they try to keep her near. Then Elizabeth finds an old diary that belonged to her aunt. She was also a teacher, on a school far away. But why would her parents keep this diary hidden?

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