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While browsing through the huge series selections on WithLove, you will notice that most titles have at least two seasons. Don't feel like that at all? Why not watch a top-notch short mini-series? This category provides the least time investment with the most reward. With an intricate plot and complex characters, a miniseries is the ideal cross between a film and a longer-running TV series. With a miniseries, you can lose yourself in a story without spending hours on it. Whether you are looking for something to kill time during a lazy weekend, to keep you company during a night alone, or to seek relaxation during a weeknight (where you don't end up down a rabbit hole of multiple episodes) WithLove is sure to have a miniseries for you!

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Popular mini series


1.The Good Witch's Destiny


It is almost Cassie's birthday. Her husband Jake suggests an intimate dinner in a fancy restaurant, but Cassie prefers to celebrate it with all her family and friends. While Cassie's special day gets near, her stepdaughter Lori discovers similarities between Cassie and her great-aunt, named The Grey Lady, who disappeared from her own birthday party years ago. Will Cassie be facing the same destiny?


2.Valentine in the Vineyard


In this third part it is time for a wedding! Nate asks Frankie to marry him and she, of course, says yes! But just when they are about to tell Nate's family, Nate's brother tells he is engaged and wants to get married quickly, preferably on Valentine's Day. Nate and Frankie don't have to marry that quickly, so they keep their engagement a secret so Marco and Lexi can have the spotlight. In the preparations to Nate's brother's wedding, Nate and Frankie come to see what is most important in love and in a relationship and discover how they can get their 'happily ever after'.


3.The Good Witch's Gift


Cassie and her beloved Jake have been together for a long time. Since it is almost Christmas, Jake is looking fot the perfect Christmas present. jake suggest to get married on Christmas Eve, which is in 6 days. But when a mysterious man from Jake's past suddenly turns up, it is unsure wether they can manage the wedding in time.


4.The Good Witch's Charm


Cassie has a newborn daughter, is the owner of a gift shop and has a job as mayor. But with a schedule that busy, she and her husband Jake aren't getting much sleep. In the hopes of a break, Cassie plans a vacation with her new family. But this gets cancelled when series of break-ins take place in town and a reporter is trying to ruin Cassie's image. To make things worse, Cassie gets a visit from her estranged foster mother and Lori, Cassie's stepdaughter is accused from the recent robberies. Can Cassie make an end to all the rumours?


5.The Good Witch's Family


Cassie is soon to be married to her great love, chief of police Jake. She tries to take on her new role as stepmother as good as she can and has already developed a bond with Jake's children. But then Abigail, Cassie's long lost cousin suddenly turns up with ill intentions. She wants to get both Cassie's family and the residents of her beloved town Middleton, in trouble. Can Cassie manage everything and keep her cousin from destroying what she has built up?


6.Marry Me

The only thing that is still missing in the life of Rae Ann Carter is a fantastic man who proposes to her. But when that perfect man becomes three men who are after her heart, she needs to make difficult decisions.


7.Love Coach

Kato is The Love Coach. From behind her computer she gives dating and relationship advice on her blog, but she has now decided to also offer her services in video calls. But... She has never had a long relationship herself! How can that ever work out?


8.In the Vineyard Trilogy

"In the Vineyard" is a mini film series. Frankie and Nate used to be highschool sweethearts. Years later their paths cross again when they want to buy the same vineyard. Will their cooperation make them feel butterflies again?

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