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Mysteries is one of the oldest and most successful genres. The reader or spectator is invited to join in the adventure and become involved in the cases and mysteries. The most engaging mystery programs allow viewers to virtually participate by trying to put together information and solve puzzles while the protagonists do so. No matter if the program is a crime drama with police attempting to apprehend a violent killer or a love story with baffling and puzzling incidents, they all have a way of enthralling viewers. You will always remember a good mystery, especially if it has an ending you never saw coming. With so many series to choose from, WithLove has narrowed down a selection of great mystery series for you to watch.

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Popular mystery series


1.Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Oliver works at the post office at the department of undelivered letters. Shane, Rita and Norman, his team, also called 'The Postables' are trying to deliver these letters to their destination. They keep solving a new mystery, for example; a letter from a young woman to a soldier who helped her escape the war in Afghanistan. Or love letters to a highschool sweetheart. The team is doing everything they can to give everyone their happy ending.


2.Gourmet Detective Mysteries

Henry Ross is a gourmet detective; he has the talent to find the perfect ingredients. He loves food and also keeps a cooking blog. He is what you can call a culinary sleuth. At a workshop Henry meets police detective Maggie Price who is rather skeptical about a gourmet detective. Henry and Maggie meet again at a gala dinner where a crime is committed. Maggie and Henry will have to combine their expertise to solve the mysteries still to come.


3.Chronicle Mysteries

Alex McPherson is the host of a true crime podcast. She returns to the town Harrington in Pennsylvania for her newest podcast. Here she will investigate the disappearance of a childhood friend for 20 years ago. She works together with The Harrington Chronicle, to unravel the mysteries. Drew Godfrey, chief editor, has a different view on the investigation. But they will still need to work together to unravel this mystery, but also the mysteries to come.


4.Ruby Herring Mysteries

Ruby Herring is a curious reporter and works for the news. She also has the talent for solving crimes, she got this from her father who is a famous crime reporter. She keeps getting involved in mysteries and crimes and tries to solve these herself. The charming detective Jake Killian, who leads the investigations, is not happy with this at all, he want to do the investigations without her help. Still, Jake recognizes that he could actually really use Ruby's help and that they make a good team. They grow closer while they try to solve the crimes together.


5.Mystery 101

Amy Winslow is a professor who teaches English literature at the university. She is specialized in crime fiction and she named her class 'Mystery 101'. But when there are sudden disappearings and now one of her own students is missing too, Amy starts her own investigation. At the police, there is a new handsome cop, Travis Burke, who is put on the case. He doesn't want Amy to help with the investigation and he wants to do it on his own. Yet, eventually, her knowledge comes in handy. They come to find out that they make a great team and maybe even more than that...


6.Aurora Teagarden Mysteries

Librarian Aurora Teagarden loves mystery book and is a real sleuth. She even has her own 'Real Murders' hobby group, where they discuss and solve mysteries from books, but also real life mysteries. Aurora Teagarden often gets involved with police matters and uses her mystery book knowledge to solve the crimes. But this isn't always wanted, the police don't want her to keep getting involved. She often gets into trouble or even ends up as the target of a crime! Thankfully she has some handsome and tough men in her life who try to support and protect her.


7.Emma Fielding Mysteries

Emma Fielding is an archeologist who is often at the wrong place at the wrong time. After she accidentally digs up a corpse, she gets into contact with the FBI who will investigate the case. The charming agent Jim Conner is in charge of the investigation. It is a true mystery and he could really use Emma's knowledge and good attention to detail. But it will not stay with this one case and Emma gets involved with other crime cases as well. Jim is going to need her help, eventhough he doesn't really want to admit this...


8.Garage Sale Mysteries

Jennifer Shannon loves buying things from garage sales, sometimes it is something antique for in her own store, something for her child or her husband. Jennifer has a good eye for it and has made it her career. Then there are a lot of break ins in town and someone got murdered. Jennifer decides to use her attention to detail to find the culprits herself before they can commit more crimes. But when she gets closer to the truth, she also learns these crimes and mysteries are a lot more dangerous than the garage sales. Can she solve the mysteries and crimes before it is too late?


9.Picture Perfect Mysteries

Allie Adams is a photographer who works at events. When she is working at a wedding, the groom is suddenly killed and no one sees who did it. Allie finds herself in a true mystery. The new handsome detective, Sam Acosta is put on the case. This will be the first mystery they will try to solve together. Eventhough their cooperation isn't going that smoothly at first, they do have a certain chemistry.

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