Summer series

Summer lends itself wonderfully to a series marathon, whether in your tent with your iPad connected to the camping Wi-Fi or just at home in your lazy chair with earbuds. True, series are an excellent watch all year round. But there has to be a reason why we all get so excited about huge summer events. Something about the season's change of pace, the energy-sapping weather, and the need for travel make our nights in front of the television screen feel more luxurious. Summer series are one of the only reasons to leave the pool on a hot day. WithLove includes a wide range of genres, from swoon-worthy adolescent romances to serious dramas. When you're ready to escape the heat and enjoy an air-conditioned marathon or eager to warm up on a cold winter's day, try binge-watching one of these amazing summer series.
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Popular summer series


1.Cedar Cove

Judge Olivia Lockhart is the conscious of the town Cedar Cove on an island in the state of Washington. She is divorces and is a mother to two children, daughter Justine and a son, who sadly drowned a few years ago. Jack Griffith is the new journalist for Cedar Cove Chronicle and meets Olivia on his first day. Just like the rest of us, Olivia is looking for the right balance between work, home and love.



Kristen 'Kris' Furillo just got out of juvie where she developed a love for horses during one of the activities they did there. Horse trainer Pablo of the Raintree Farm, a horse ranch, notices her talent for horse riding and offers her the chance to work at the Raintree Farm. During her time in juvie, she met the horse Wildfire at a horse training camp and she quickly felt a connection with him. So when his life is in danger, Kris really wants to save him and get him to the Raintree Farm. It costs her some time to adjust to her new life, but when she meets the owner's handsome son Matt and his best friend Junior, her life suddenly gets a lot more drama and romance. While she is working on and with Wildfire, her past is threathening to catch up with her and she will do everything she can to keep her new life.


3.When Calls the Heart

The romantic and historic prairie series When Calls the Heart is set around 1910. It is about Elizabeth Thatcher, a young woman of good standing, lives in a big town with her parents, but has her own dreams. She dreams of teaching, but wants to do it somewhere she can make an impact, so she takes a position in the small town Coal Valley, a mining town. This is totally different than the luxury life Elizabeth is used to, but she wants to prove to her parents and herself she can stand on her own two feet and doesn't need them. But she quickly finds out it isn't as easy as she thought. Certainly not when Jack Thornton, a mountie, comes to work in Coal Valley. Jack is not happy with this at all and he and Elizabeth can't stand each other at first. Still, they do have a certain chemisty and pull to each other that they can't ignore.


4.Wild Roses

David McGregor is a rancher and wants his family's land Rivercross back into the family after the death of his father. His father gave the estate to the Henry family a long time ago, but David wants it back. The Henry family, existing out of a mother with three daughters, has financial problems, but despite this they don't want to give back the land back. They feel like the land Rivercross is theirs and if it is up to them this will always be the case. So a fight between the two ranch family's arises and they will both have to fight for their existance.

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