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Get ready for a lot of feelings. Drama films rarely focus on one subject. Some blend laughter with sadness, love and hardship, or action and compassion. They can help you escape or expose you to truths you've never known. The best ones combine the two. Every great drama film, whether it's a slice-of-life tale or an action-packed war epic, has one thing in common: the capacity to evoke a powerful emotional response from viewers. These expertly created worlds can bring us joy or sorrow or to keep us up at night. Drama films are effective because they cover topics to which virtually everyone can connect in some manner. Dramas have a different impact on each person depending on their personal life experiences. Grab some snacks, choose a drama film from WithLove's collection and get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions.

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Popular drama films


1.A Very Country Christmas Homecoming


Jeanette and Zane have returned from their magical honeymoon and now they want to have a perfect Christmas with their daughter Quinn. But then the ex father-in-law of Jeanette shows up out of the blue, wanting to be a part of their lives. In the mean time Zane deals with annoying paparazzi and a bothersome teen idol. Their plans for their perfect first Christmas as a family are at risk of failing.


2.A Very Country Christmas


Jeanette is a single mother and works very hard to give her daughter a good life. What she doesn't know is that country singer Zane has taken residence in the area to get some peace and quiet and escape from the paparazzi. What Zane wasn't expecting was that he would also meet the love of his life. He and Jeanette keep getting closer and sparks fly high. But can it work between them with their two very different worlds?


3.A Very Country Wedding


Jeanette and Zane are about to get married. Jeanette is trying to find her place in Zane's world, but the paparazzi are making it very hard for them. Zane still has to do a tour and this schedule is causing problems with the wedding planning. Jeanette begins to question if she belongs in Zane world and if he even has time for her. Are they able to save their relationship and wedding?


4.After The Storm


In the heartwarming film After the Storm an heavy storm destroys the community of teacher Lauren. Her house is also completely destroyed. She decides she wants to rebuild it herself and wants to do this without the help of her boyfriend who is somewhere far away. Against her wishes she receives help of the handsome Collin. He rejected her years ago and she still hasn't forgiven him for it. Has the storm also given Lauren and Collin a second chance?


5.Christmas by Starlight


Annie is a succesful familylaw lawyer and always commits to her family. Her parents own a neighbourhood cafe; The Starlight, but they are informed that the company Holt Enterprises is going to tear it down. Annie wants to prevent this and looks up the owner's son Will in the hopes she can convince him to let The Starlight carry on. But Will wants something in return; Annie needs to play the part of his (fake) lawyer until Christmas so that his father is pleased with him. But to Annie's surprise, Will isn't the immature and insensible man as she thought he was...


6.Christmas in Evergreen: Bells are Ringing


The wedding day of the mayor of Evergreen, Michelle is near. When her fiance is out of town, she could use some help with the wedding preparations. She enlists the help of her friend and future sister-in-law Hannah. But if that is really the smartest thing to do.? Hannah is doubting her own future with her own relationshop with Elliot. Michelle and Hannah now both need to figure out where their hearts lie and face difficult decisions while Christmas is near.


7.Falling for Vermont


When author Angela wrote her first book, she never dared to dream she would become so popular. A part of this she owes to her boyfriend and manager Brad. But tge presure of succes is getting too much for her and she decides to get away from it all, but on her way she gets in car accident which leaves her with amnesia. Thankfully the handsome doctor Jeff takes her in. He offers her a room in his house until she regains her memory. But does Angela want to go back to the big city, when she gets to know life in Hopedale with Jake and his two children more?


8.Love Under The Stars


It is about time for Becca to finish her studies. To get more inspiration for her thesis, her study coach sends her to a school. There she gets a special connection with Emily, a shy girl who recently lost her mother. When she meets Emily's handsome father Nate, there is an instant connection. The three of them spend a lot of time together which causes Emily to blossom. But there also seems to be blossoming something between Becca and Nate.


9.Christmas in my Heart


Beth is a violist who returns home after the death of her mother. Here she is asked to help the daughter of country singer Sean with the preparations of her school's Christmas concert. Beth and the girl grow a special bond because of their mutual love for classical music. Sean also opens up his heart for classical music. He and Beth are total opposites, but this doesn't stop them from getting feelings for each other.


10.I Do, I Do, I Do


What if you are about to get married, but you are not sure if he is the one? Much to her shock, Jaclyn relives her disastrous wedding day with Peter over and over again because of a curse. How can she break this curse? Together with Max, Peter's handsome brother, she tries to overcome her fears to discover what it really is she wants in life.


11.Love's Sweet Recipe


After the passing of her father, the life of chef Courtney is turned upside down. Her father was the chef of their family restaurant. But after his passing the business isn't doing too well. She has lost her passion for cooking and doesn't have a lovelife is making things even worse. But thankfully her best friend, also a chef, Jake, is ready to help her and she finds love where she wouldn't have had expected it.




The three friends, Erin, Casey and Stella, have had their dream wedding around the same time. But their happiness is disturbed when they find out the pastor that married them, had made a mistake in the paper work. Because of this their marriages are being annulled and they have to explain to their husbands that they aren't legally married. But now the women are starting to doubt their men. Will they choose to get married for real, or start over?


13.The Christmas Spirit


Journalist Charlotte is back with her family for Christmas and meets the attractive project developer Daniel in their small town. When Charlotte is on her way to an interview with him, they both get into a heavy car accident and end up in a coma. But how weird it may sound, their spirit is wide awake. The only way to break through this, is to together with Daniel, find what is truly important and forgive and forget the things from the past once and for all. During their search, Charlotte and Daniel start to like each other more and more...


14.Love, Alaska


The young doctor Maggie inherits her uncle's practice and returns to her hometown in Love, Alaska where she is reunited with her childhood friend Finn. While Maggie is working on building a new life and Finn trying to handle the past, feelings are coming to the surface. Can they put their friendship on the line and pursue love?


15.A Star Crossed Christmas


Julie Pine and Rick Spruce both come from a family who dealing in Christmas trees. Julie's family has pine trees and Rick's family has fir trees. Their farms are next to each other which makes their families competitors. When Julie and Rick fall for each other they know they will never get accepted by their families. They will have to keep their love a secret. A Star Crossed Christmas is a Romeo & Juliet in a coating of Christmas.


16.Christmas Around the Corner


Hardworking New Yorker Claire could really use a holiday. She rent an apartment in the Fortenbury Bookstore located in a small town where she used to go to as a child. At her arrival she finds out all the Christmas festivities are cancelled due to a flood. Claire sees the bookstore is in decay and makes up a plan to revive the store. But Andrew, the handsome owner, is not agreeing with her plans. While Claire is keeping busy with the bookstore, love blooms between her and Andrew slowly but surely. Until Claire finds out Andrew wants to sell the store. Will Andrew change his mind and follow his heart?


17.Mr. Write


When Dori, through her work, comes into contact with novelist Michael, she finds out he doesn't even believe in true love. They have to work together to make his next book a success. Dori is engaged to Philip and thinks her life is amazing. She believes in true love and doesn't understand why Michael doesn't. While working together they start to appreciate each other more and more and she finds out why Michael doens't believe in true love anymore.


18.Holiday Heist


Devin has a high debt that he wants to pay off. But he doesn't have the money to do this so he comes up with a plan to rob a jeweler. When he goes looking in the jeweler of Jade's family he gets offered a job by her father. His plan is going very smoothly so far. But then he starts to get feelings for Jade which jeopardizes his plan. Is he still able to rob the jeweler? Or will his feeling for Jade withhold him from this?


19.Love Strikes Twice


Six years ago, Caroline fell for Jack instantly, but everything is different now. Jack doesn't do anything around the house and is extremely lazy and Caroline is very unhappy. She wants to file for divorce, but on her way she gets in a car accident. She wakes up with amnesia. Jack is given a second chance to prove himself and his love for Caroline. Will he succeed in capturing Caroline's heart for the second time?


20.Same Time Next Week


Nine months ago, Sara's husband has passed away. After his death he left a bucket list and Sara has made it her goal to finish it. But after a scooter accident she gets into contact with doctor Ryan. He has lost his wife a little over a year ago and knows exactly what Sara is going through. They decide to continue Sara's late husband together. The two start to have more feelings for each other, but Sara feels like she is cheating on her husband. Will their love for each other withstand?


21.The Beach House

It has been years since Cara has left her family for her career and made a fresh start in Chicago. When she loses her job, she returns to the place where she grew up. Her mother has taking in a young woman who is pregnant and is dedicated to saving baby turtles. While she is helping her mother with renovating the family beach house, she gets into contact with her old highschool sweetheart Brett again. They spend a lot of time together and old feelings find their way back to the surface. But her mother is keeping a secret what is weighing on the family. Fancy another romantic movie? Watch [Cant buy my love] (https://withlove.tv/en/movie/cant-buy-my-love)


22.English Estate

Nora Cartwright is a successful American interior designer. Her life changes drastically when her great-uncle Edmond Charles passes away and she inherits his Willowvale estate in England. Because she needs money to buy a new office, she decides to sell the estate. However, that doesn't go as smoothly as she thought. And Edmond's business partner Jamie isn't exactly cooperative; he absolutely does not want the estate to be sold. Can they come to a compromise together? And does Nora actually still want to return to her life in Los Angeles?


23.Lead With Your Heart

What if you've been married for years and it's all about the kids now? How do you keep the romance alive? Spouses Maura and Ben are having a hard time with this, especially when Maura is offered a job in another city and has to move. But fortunately, their children won't let a divorce happen. Will they be able to save their marriage?


24.Framed By My Sister

Twin sisters Reina and Alex discover that they have another sister and are actually triplets. The third sister, Trinity, can't handle this and wants to turn her sisters' lives upside down.


25.Love Hacks

Sam believes she can solve all problems in relationships. To prove this, she has to create a podcast about love. She gets assistance from the cheerful producer Josh, who challenges her to put her own heart to the test.


26.Dare to Say Yes

It's Michelle's worst day —fired and dumped. Best friend Sara urges a spa's "Just Say Yes" program. She meets Jack, longing for home. Yet, amidst uncertainty, Michelle contemplates saying yes to him, realizing the unexpected may bring new possibilities.

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