Detective films

A good detective story can capture our attention. You get carried away by the story and just want to know who did it. You might even have unravelled the mystery before the credits roll. Although there are many interesting true crime films available in the vast criminal subgenre of thrillers, however, it is easy to overlook the best type of mystery: the detective film. We all enjoy a good detective film, regardless of the type. Mostly because they have a background in mystery films; we like to see someone investigating things. It is also entertaining to see how a detective's brain works.

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Popular detective films


1.Sandra Brown's White Hot


Sayre is an interior designer and lives in San Fransisco. When her brother dies, she returns to her hometowm Louisiana after staying awar for many years. Her father is the owner of a factory and isn't completely honest. He is controlling his employees, but also every inhabitant of the town. When she meets her father's charming lawyer Beck, she gets the suspicion that her brother didn't die because of an accident. Together with Beck she is starting her own investigation.


2.Squeaky Clean Mysteries: Hazardous Duty


Gabby St. Claire studied forensic science, but had to drop out to help her family. So she looked for a job that came close: cleaning crime scenes. When she is working on a cleaning job she makes a special discovery: she finds a wapon that the police have overlooked and finds out they have arrested the wrong man. Together with her neighbour Riley, Gabby starts to invesigate and is determined to find out what happened and who the culprit is. But this isn't without any risk.


3.The Good Witch's Destiny


It is almost Cassie's birthday. Her husband Jake suggests an intimate dinner in a fancy restaurant, but Cassie prefers to celebrate it with all her family and friends. While Cassie's special day gets near, her stepdaughter Lori discovers similarities between Cassie and her great-aunt, named The Grey Lady, who disappeared from her own birthday party years ago. Will Cassie be facing the same destiny?


4.The Irresistible Blueberry Farm


Ellen is a formidable lawyer who lives together with her boyfriend Hayden, a politician, in New York. He has proposed to her, but she hasn't given him an answer yet. on paper they are perfect together, but Ellen has her doubts. When her grandmother passes away, Ellen is determined to fullfill her grandmother's last wish; to find her childhood love and give him her last letter. What follows is a special adventure where Ellen learns a lot about her grandmother. Will this adventure also teach her what answer she can give Hayden to his proposal?


5.The Good Witch's Gift


Cassie and her beloved Jake have been together for a long time. Since it is almost Christmas, Jake is looking fot the perfect Christmas present. jake suggest to get married on Christmas Eve, which is in 6 days. But when a mysterious man from Jake's past suddenly turns up, it is unsure wether they can manage the wedding in time.


6.Christmas Catch


Detective Mackenzie Bennett is a hopeless romantic. She hopes to find the man of her dreams on a beach in a extremely romantic way. But it is going arduous so far and real life is nothing like in the romantic films. Until she meets Carson, a charming man who says the right things at the right time. But then Carson is suspected of a diamond-theft and Mackenzie must go undercover to unmask him.


7.The Good Witch's Charm


Cassie has a newborn daughter, is the owner of a gift shop and has a job as mayor. But with a schedule that busy, she and her husband Jake aren't getting much sleep. In the hopes of a break, Cassie plans a vacation with her new family. But this gets cancelled when series of break-ins take place in town and a reporter is trying to ruin Cassie's image. To make things worse, Cassie gets a visit from her estranged foster mother and Lori, Cassie's stepdaughter is accused from the recent robberies. Can Cassie make an end to all the rumours?


8.The Good Witch's Family


Cassie is soon to be married to her great love, chief of police Jake. She tries to take on her new role as stepmother as good as she can and has already developed a bond with Jake's children. But then Abigail, Cassie's long lost cousin suddenly turns up with ill intentions. She wants to get both Cassie's family and the residents of her beloved town Middleton, in trouble. Can Cassie manage everything and keep her cousin from destroying what she has built up?


9.The Christmas Detective

Kate Bennett is trying to pursue her dream as a private detective, but it's a struggle. Just before the opening of an art gallery, a painting goes missing, and Kate sees her opportunity. But then she runs into detective Derek 'Oak' Oakley, her high school sweetheart. She suggests they solve the mystery together before Christmas, but whether Oak is keen on the idea...

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