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Every successful drama series, be it a slice-of-life story or an exciting romance, has one thing in common: the ability to elicit a strong emotional response from viewers. These finely crafted worlds have the power to make us laugh or cry, to fill us with endorphins or to keep us awake at night. But the human being is at the centre. Drama series are powerful because they deal with subjects that almost every person can relate to in one way or another. Everyone is uniquely affected by dramas, depending on their own life experiences. Grab a drink and prepare for an emotional rollercoaster.

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Popular drama series


1.True Love

In this mini series it is about the love life of different couples and how they found the love of their lives.



Amy just moved and now lives in a new neighbourhood. But she feels lonely so she tries to make some new friends.


3.Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Oliver works at the post office at the department of undelivered letters. Shane, Rita and Norman, his team, also called 'The Postables' are trying to deliver these letters to their destination. They keep solving a new mystery, for example; a letter from a young woman to a soldier who helped her escape the war in Afghanistan. Or love letters to a highschool sweetheart. The team is doing everything they can to give everyone their happy ending.


4.Wrong Girl

Meet Lily! She is an editor at the morning show The Breakfast Bar and she is trying to combine a succesful career, a passionate love life and exciting friendships. But something always goes wrong for Lily. Lily is 'The Wrong Girl'. She thought she had the perfect idea for an item in the morning show, but with one clumsy email her whole career seems to come crashing down. And that one nightstand with her best friend might not have been the best idea...



Amy Flemming is a teenager who lives on the Heartland ranch and she loves horses. She is a horse whisperer and because of this she has the talent to help and cure sick and damaged horses. She got this special gift from her mother who died in a tragic accident. Thankfully her sister Lou returns to the ranch to look after her and to take care of the family business. And of course Jack, Amy and Lou's grandfather, is there for them. When the handsome bad boy Ty comes to work at the ranch, Amy immediately takes a liking to him. In Heartland you follow the lives of the Flemming family and their own drama's and romances. Together with [series When Calls The Heart](https://withlove.tv/en/series/when-calls-the-heart), Heartland is one of the most popular series.


6.Wild Roses

David McGregor is a rancher and wants his family's land Rivercross back into the family after the death of his father. His father gave the estate to the Henry family a long time ago, but David wants it back. The Henry family, existing out of a mother with three daughters, has financial problems, but despite this they don't want to give back the land back. They feel like the land Rivercross is theirs and if it is up to them this will always be the case. So a fight between the two ranch family's arises and they will both have to fight for their existance.


7.Gourmet Detective Mysteries

Henry Ross is a gourmet detective; he has the talent to find the perfect ingredients. He loves food and also keeps a cooking blog. He is what you can call a culinary sleuth. At a workshop Henry meets police detective Maggie Price who is rather skeptical about a gourmet detective. Henry and Maggie meet again at a gala dinner where a crime is committed. Maggie and Henry will have to combine their expertise to solve the mysteries still to come.


8.Chronicle Mysteries

Alex McPherson is the host of a true crime podcast. She returns to the town Harrington in Pennsylvania for her newest podcast. Here she will investigate the disappearance of a childhood friend for 20 years ago. She works together with The Harrington Chronicle, to unravel the mysteries. Drew Godfrey, chief editor, has a different view on the investigation. But they will still need to work together to unravel this mystery, but also the mysteries to come.


9.Ruby Herring Mysteries

Ruby Herring is a curious reporter and works for the news. She also has the talent for solving crimes, she got this from her father who is a famous crime reporter. She keeps getting involved in mysteries and crimes and tries to solve these herself. The charming detective Jake Killian, who leads the investigations, is not happy with this at all, he want to do the investigations without her help. Still, Jake recognizes that he could actually really use Ruby's help and that they make a good team. They grow closer while they try to solve the crimes together.


10.Mystery 101

Amy Winslow is a professor who teaches English literature at the university. She is specialized in crime fiction and she named her class 'Mystery 101'. But when there are sudden disappearings and now one of her own students is missing too, Amy starts her own investigation. At the police, there is a new handsome cop, Travis Burke, who is put on the case. He doesn't want Amy to help with the investigation and he wants to do it on his own. Yet, eventually, her knowledge comes in handy. They come to find out that they make a great team and maybe even more than that...


11.Aurora Teagarden Mysteries

Librarian Aurora Teagarden loves mystery book and is a real sleuth. She even has her own 'Real Murders' hobby group, where they discuss and solve mysteries from books, but also real life mysteries. Aurora Teagarden often gets involved with police matters and uses her mystery book knowledge to solve the crimes. But this isn't always wanted, the police don't want her to keep getting involved. She often gets into trouble or even ends up as the target of a crime! Thankfully she has some handsome and tough men in her life who try to support and protect her.


12.Emma Fielding Mysteries

Emma Fielding is an archeologist who is often at the wrong place at the wrong time. After she accidentally digs up a corpse, she gets into contact with the FBI who will investigate the case. The charming agent Jim Conner is in charge of the investigation. It is a true mystery and he could really use Emma's knowledge and good attention to detail. But it will not stay with this one case and Emma gets involved with other crime cases as well. Jim is going to need her help, eventhough he doesn't really want to admit this...


13.Garage Sale Mysteries

Jennifer Shannon loves buying things from garage sales, sometimes it is something antique for in her own store, something for her child or her husband. Jennifer has a good eye for it and has made it her career. Then there are a lot of break ins in town and someone got murdered. Jennifer decides to use her attention to detail to find the culprits herself before they can commit more crimes. But when she gets closer to the truth, she also learns these crimes and mysteries are a lot more dangerous than the garage sales. Can she solve the mysteries and crimes before it is too late?


14.Saving Hope

In the hospital series Saving Hope we follow the doctors of the hospital Hope Zion while they are saving lives. Chief of Surgery, Charlie Harris slips into a coma after a car accident and somehow his ghost is now wandering around the hospital. He can see the ghosts of the patients who died in the hospital and talk to them. His girlfriend, doctor Alex Reid is doing everything in her power to pull Charlie out of his coma. But Alex is also very busy with her own patients and especially when her ex boyfriend doctor Joel Goran comes to work at Hope Zion.



Kristen 'Kris' Furillo just got out of juvie where she developed a love for horses during one of the activities they did there. Horse trainer Pablo of the Raintree Farm, a horse ranch, notices her talent for horse riding and offers her the chance to work at the Raintree Farm. During her time in juvie, she met the horse Wildfire at a horse training camp and she quickly felt a connection with him. So when his life is in danger, Kris really wants to save him and get him to the Raintree Farm. It costs her some time to adjust to her new life, but when she meets the owner's handsome son Matt and his best friend Junior, her life suddenly gets a lot more drama and romance. While she is working on and with Wildfire, her past is threathening to catch up with her and she will do everything she can to keep her new life.


16.When Calls the Heart

The romantic and historic prairie series When Calls the Heart is set around 1910. It is about Elizabeth Thatcher, a young woman of good standing, lives in a big town with her parents, but has her own dreams. She dreams of teaching, but wants to do it somewhere she can make an impact, so she takes a position in the small town Coal Valley, a mining town. This is totally different than the luxury life Elizabeth is used to, but she wants to prove to her parents and herself she can stand on her own two feet and doesn't need them. But she quickly finds out it isn't as easy as she thought. Certainly not when Jack Thornton, a mountie, comes to work in Coal Valley. Jack is not happy with this at all and he and Elizabeth can't stand each other at first. Still, they do have a certain chemisty and pull to each other that they can't ignore.


17.Date my dad

Ricky is turing 40 and his daughters think it is about time that he starts dating again after the death of their mother three years ago.


18.Love After Loving

Two Argentinian couples seem like happy couples, but then something terrible happens which makes everything turn upside down. A affair, a car accident and a missing body...


19.Marry Me

The only thing that is still missing in the life of Rae Ann Carter is a fantastic man who proposes to her. But when that perfect man becomes three men who are after her heart, she needs to make difficult decisions.


20.Imaginary Mary

When she was a little girl with parents who weren't there for her, Alice had a friend only she could see who would give her advice, help her through difficult times and convinced Alice that she shouldn't rely on romance in order to be happy.


21.Cedar Cove

Judge Olivia Lockhart is the conscious of the town Cedar Cove on an island in the state of Washington. She is divorces and is a mother to two children, daughter Justine and a son, who sadly drowned a few years ago. Jack Griffith is the new journalist for Cedar Cove Chronicle and meets Olivia on his first day. Just like the rest of us, Olivia is looking for the right balance between work, home and love.


22.Detective McLean

Detective Allison McLean has taken in her niece and nephew after they heared that their father has to go to jail for two years.


23.Doctor Thorne

Interwoven with the elegance of the 19th century comes 'Doctor Thorne', an enchanting costume drama from the creators of Downton Abbey. We are immersed in the life of Dr. Thomas Thorne, a respected village doctor, who leads a humble and honest existence in the idyllic Greshambury. As guardian of his niece Mary, a girl without fortune and unknown parentage, he faces social prejudices when she falls in love with Frank Gresham, the son of a noble landowner. Love is at the core, but the reality of social stratification and financial concerns create problems – particularly when Lady Arabella Gresham, Frank's mother, devises plans to match her son with wealth. Under the pen of Anthony Trollope, a tale unfolds full of intrigues, love, and loyalty, where both Dr. Thorne and the astute Miss Martha Dunstable play key roles. As Mary contends with the attention of an alcoholic heir and Frank fights for his true love, a complex inheritance issue unravels that could change everything. Can Dr. Thorne secure the future of Mary and Frank amid these social and personal battles? Featuring a star cast including Tom Hollander and Alison Brie, 'Doctor Thorne' brings to life a story about the power of love against the backdrop of class distinction and societal expectations.

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