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Food is missing from most films, and that's a shame. A film where characters stir in soup, slice onions, sizzle a steak, or spin a fork of spaghetti across a plate is delicious, isn't it? A story that takes place entirely over dinner, or a film set in an Italian kitchen. It's comfort food for your eyes. Films about food are not only fun to watch, but they can also be a fantastic motivation to try new dishes in the kitchen. Or even to start cooking! On WithLove, you can find a selection of cooking films in which cooking and food play an important role in the story rather than just being in the background. Pick a cooking film and get some inspiration for your next dish!

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Popular cooking films


1.A Star for Christmas


Cassie is the owner of a patisserie and is known to make delicious cupcakes. When famous Hollywood actor Nolan Denver makes an appearance in her store one day, he is so impressed by her baking talents that the asks her to take care of the catering during the shootings of his next film. Whilst spending time together and with Nolan showing Cassie the film world, sparks start to fly and they quickly fall madly in love with each other.


2.Farm to Fork to Love


The young and talented Alice has everything going for her. She works as a sous chef at one of the top restaurants in New York and is in a relationship with her handsome boss Brett. But she still isn't happy. When she receives an invitation to be a judge in Kansas for a cooking competition, she accepts it right away. Once she is there, she is pleasantly surprised to see her ex boyfriend Christian who is also a judge. While spending a lot of time together and love blooms again, Alice is faced with a difficult decision. Will she choose for her old life in New York, or will she gives their love a second chance?


3.Finding Love in San Antonio


When the succesful tv chef Adela gets an offer to work in Europa she doesn't doubt it for one moment! But her daughter feels very differently about this... She is still homesick for San Antonio and really wanted to spend the summer with her mother. Adela and her daughter return to San Antonia for the summer. Here she meets the handsome local food blogger David who has written a negative review about her. During her time in San Antonia she gets reacquainted with the city and she needs to think about wether she wants to stay or accept the work offer in Europe.


4.Love by Chance


Claire is very busy with her own restaurant and doesn't have the time for romance and is still waiting for her 'perfect' man. Her mother hates the fact that her daughter is still single and decides to set her up behind her back. She meets the charismatic doctor Eric and finds him perfect for her daughter. When Eric and Claire meet each other sparks fly high, but will this still be the case if Claire finds out what they have been hiding from her?


5.Love is a Piece of Cake


Jessie Dale runs her grandmother's pastry shop Miriam's Sweet Treats. When she decides to also make wedding cakes, her first customer is Suzanne Cooper, a famous fasion designer. She brought along her brother Aiden and his daughter Riley to help her pick out a cake and soon enought Jessie gets along really well with them. But then someone wants to buy her building and Jessie needs to find a way to save her business. And this isn't simple, especially when she finds out Aiden might be involved.


6.Love on the Rise


Victoria is an upcoming baker and is busy with starting her own business in makeing the most luxorious cakes for weddings, gala's and parties. While she is delivering a cake, she mistaked the rich bachelor Jake for a waiter. But when she starts to fall for this mystery man things get really complicated. Victoria doesn't know that the company owned by Jake's family is trying to evict her from her building. While Victoria is fighting to save her bakery and Jake is working on finding a way to tell her his secret, they both realize they need to work hard to keep this cake from crumbling down.


7.Moonlight in Vermont


Fiona is a hardworking, succesful broker in New York. When she gets dumped by her boyfriend Nate, she can't take it anymore and decides to get away from it all. She goes to the family inn in Vermont to make sense of it all. But when her ex also shows up with his new girlfriend, she needs to come up with a plan. She asks if the new chef Derek wants to play her fake boyfriend, which he is not really feeling it at first. Until Fiona convinces him by making it a win-win situation. Fingers crossed this goes well!


8.Pumpkin Pie Wars


Ten years ago, Faye and Lydia both opened up their own pastry shop. They have been friends for many years, but when they got into a fight because of a baking contest, they became each others rival. There has been a quarrel between the two families for years and at every annual baking contest, this comes to its peak. Now their children, Casey and Sam, are taking over the pastry shop. Casey has zero experience with baking, but really wants to win this year's baking contest. So she secretly asks Sam, who does know how to bake, for help. Just as their mothers are rivals, they should be that too, but instead they start to fall in love...


9.Recipe for Love


Lauren is a hardworking, educated chef. Dexter is a flashy celebrity chef with an own tv show. Lauren has written Dexter's cook book as a ghost writer. But now they must write a cook book together. Because of their different personalities, they instantly clash. Their cooking styles are also totally different. But what they do have in common is their passion for cooking. And maybe this shared passion is what can bring them together.


10.Romance on the Menu


Caroline is a succesful chef in New York. When she inherits a diner in Lemon Myrtle Cove in Australia, she travels here with the intend to fix it up and sell it. But once she gets there she falls in love with her surroundings and the people. She meets the charming chef Simon, who works at the dinder. Simon decides to help Caroline with fixing up the diner. While they are working together, something nice starts to blossom. Does Caroline still want to go back to her busy life in New York?


11.The Sauce of Love


When Zoey gets fired after presenting a new sauce recipe, she decides to participate in a reality tv food truck competition to introduce her sauce recipes. The handsome Collin, founder of a fast food chain and also one of the judges, immediately falls for her. But Zoey is determined to win the competition in a fair way. Until she gets the suspicion that Collin isn't after her heart, but wants to sell her new sauce recipe.


12.Appetite for Love


Mina is a hardworking woman and has everything going for her. But then she gets send back to her hometown by her boss for work. She needs to convince a stubborn restaurant owner to sell his land. But once she gets there she runs into a massive problem. The restaurant has just gotten a new owner and that is Mina's ex-boyfriend Clay. Clay is just as stubborn as the previous owner and swears to never sell the restaurant.


13.Chocolate Covered Christmas


Sadie and her boyfriend made holiday plans for Christmas. But when they suddenly get cancelled, she decides to return home. When she finds out her parents have sold the family business she reluctantly agrees to teach the new owner everything about chocolate. Then she meets this new handsome owner and she actually really likes him. While they spend a lot of time with each other, their connection starts to grow into something more.


14.Coffee Shop


Donovan has a lovely cafe, but business are hard at the moment and her love life also isn't what it used to be. When her business needs to be shut down, her ex boyfriend shows up with a solution. But is that the solution Donovan is waiting for? In the mean time her sister is searching intensly for a good guy for Donovan, so she can be truly happy. Could that maybe be author Ben from New York?


15.Hint of Love


Becky works at a publisher for cook books and knows how to cook herself too. When her boss gives her the task to work together with Will Fryer, who has is own cookingshow and focusses on easy recipies, she is against it at first. She doesn't like the way he works and they can't seem to agree on ingredients and flavour. But then they discover that just like in recepies, contrast can be good sometimes.


16.Love's Sweet Recipe


After the passing of her father, the life of chef Courtney is turned upside down. Her father was the chef of their family restaurant. But after his passing the business isn't doing too well. She has lost her passion for cooking and doesn't have a lovelife is making things even worse. But thankfully her best friend, also a chef, Jake, is ready to help her and she finds love where she wouldn't have had expected it.


17.Truly, Madly, Sweetly


Natalie has always dreamt of her own bakery. When she meets the charming, single father Eric, they both seem to have inherited a part of the bakery of an aunt of Eric. They decided to join hands and renovate and reopen the bakery. Despite their good cooperation, not everything is going smoothly. And it gets even more complicated when they start to have feelings for each other.


18.A Taste of Christmas


After the passing of her mother, Emily returns to her village to run her mother's bakery. Especially the men in the village are excited that Emily is back. Then she receives a special advent calendar of a secret admirer. The whole town gets obsessed with the search for the identity of this mysterious gift giver. And Emily is also looking for what is maybe her shot on love.


19.A Christmas Movie Christmas


The two sisters Eve and Lacy are both single and live together. Eve loves watching Christmas films and dreams of a perfect Christmas, just like in the movies. When she and her sister Lacy make a wish on Christmas Eve, it gets fulfilled! They wind up in a small town named Holiday Falls and are the main characters in a Christmas film. Both sisters meet the perfect boyfriend. For the first time in a long time they are lucky in love. But what happens when they return to the real world again?


20.Sisters of the Groom


Sarah is cooking for the new catering business of her sister Molly and working in the kitchen till late. Until Jason, the neighbour from below, comes to complain about the noise she is making in the middle of the night. It is an awkward first meeting. But when they meet each other at a later time, they seem to be able to help each other out. Jason needs a date for his brother's wedding and asks Sarah to accompany him, but in return she wants her sister's catering business to be in charge of the catering. It sounds as a good deal, but then they start to have actual feelings for each other...


21.Summer in the Vineyard


Now the first year of the Sorrento Farm is coming to an end, the new couple Frankie and Nate are looking forward to the presentation of their first vintage wine at the annual Summerfest! But when the location of the Summerfest is cancelled at the last moment, Nate suggest to host the festival on the Sorrento Farm. A good opportunity to present the vineyard to the public. But Frankie is more worried if their Cabernet will be ready in time...


22.Sweet Navidad


Carmen works with a lot of passion in a bakery, but is dreaming of opening her own pastry shop. Then she gets the opportunity to compete in a cooking contest for a Christmas event. The task is to come up with a Christmas menu for the Christmas dinner. But she needs to do this with another contestant; chef Jax, who is very competitive. They will need to put their differences aside, to create an inspiring menu and who knows, something nice might to bloom between them.


23.Baking Up Love


The celebrate the 200th jubilee of the cutest town to be ever founded, a baking contest is organized by a CEO from a pumpkin company. The town's sweetheart, who is also the favourite baker, Lynn, is partaking. Everyone is expecting her to win, including herself. But when her niece unexpectedly stays in town, it's not that self-evident that Lynn will win the competition.


24.The Sweeter Side of Life


When the spoiled Desiree unexpectedly gets dumped by her rich husband, she loses her luxurious life and is left behind without any money. She moves away from her home at 5th Avenue and goes back to her father in New Jersey where she rediscovers her love and talent for baking. She starts with baking cupcakes in her father's bakery and gets more out of it than she would have ever thought.


25.Diagnosis Delicious


A negative review about chef Dave Oberlin goes viral and costs him his career. All the top restaurant are blacklisting him and he isn't able to get a job anymore. Out of necessity he takes a job at the cooking school of a friend. Cardiologist Nina Kirby must join one of Dave's classes from her boss, because Dave is specialized in healthy cooking. Dave and Nina do not match at all. Nina is very derogatory about cooking, but sucks at it herself. And Dave thinks she is very arrogant.


26.Secret Millionaire

Project developer William Peyton wants to build something, but for this to happen a charming local park has to be torn down. Alisson is not pleased at all with this and together with a group of friends she starts a petition to stop the demolition of the park. Then she meets Sean, the son of William Peyton, but Alisson doesn't know this because Sean is lying about who he really is. The two fall in love with each other, but how long can Sean keep his real identity a secret? A light-hearted romantic film about how far you will go for love. Other popular movie is [secret millionaire] (


27.Cup of Love

Zoe is a nutrition scientist who was sent to Colombia to design a coffee flavor that appeals to millennials. In the village of Salento, she meets Diego Valdez, a local plantation owner who is not keen on selling his beans to her. However, as long as she helps with the harvest, she can do whatever she wants with the beans. And as the two labor on the plantation, more grows between them than just coffee plants...


28.Eat, Drink and be Married

The best thing about a wedding day for the guests is obviously the food and the cake! But in Eat, Drink and be Married, it seems that big day for Jess and Max might not happen. They're going crazy with all the arranging and they call it off. But Max’s brother won't let it go, and brings in wedding planner Billie to make it all happen after all. And they really hit it off...


29.A Slice of Romance

When PR professional Mikayla meets charming pastry chef Austin, they strike a deal: she helps him turn his shop into the most popular dessert place and he assists her with dating advice. But then she discovers the missing ingredient in her own life: love.


30.All Summer Long

Tia's dream finally comes true after years: she gets to sail on a cruise as captain. But her dream goes into rough waters when she comes across her handsome ex Jake on the boat. Another problem: he works there as a chef! Will they find a way to work together?


31.Falling for You

Lacey organizes a baking contest for singles to raise money for her radio station. When the crowd favorite suddenly cancels, she must look for a new volunteer. She sees the mysterious businessman and software engineer Zac Malone as the ideal candidate. The only problem is he can't bake at all... Will she manage to pull him away from his computer and make him fall in love with the town?


32.Love Served Here

Emma works as a chef in a restaurant, but unfortunately does not get the promotion she had hoped for. In order to gain her boss's trust, she bets that she can turn the worst restaurant into the best one. Joe, the owner of the restaurant, is initially not very keen on the idea, but eventually agrees. They grow closer and together they try to save the restaurant.


33.Love on the Menu

When chef Hank (Kavan Smith) loses his star and debts start piling up, he meets Maggie (Autumn Reeser), who is a product designer for a large frozen food company. At first Hank is reluctant, but then he gets to know Maggie better and the spark soon flies.



Emma is a professional chef, but she is not happy with her job and is unhappy in her relationship. Therefore, she decides to quit her job and travel to Hawaii to visit her aunt and figure out what she wants to do. There she meets Ben, a handsome professional surfer who has lost his wife. Emma gets to know Ben better through the surfing lessons she takes from him. But then her ex suddenly shows up... What should she do now?


35.A Royal Recipe for Love

Talented New York pastry chef Emma tries to secure a deal to write a cookbook, but she is repeatedly disappointed. When she is asked to bake for the anniversary celebration of the king and queen of Sanovia, she gets the opportunity of a lifetime. However, she doesn't yet know that she will have to share the kitchen with the unpredictable Oliver, the prince of Sanovia.

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